The Port is still running!

Aymeric LIBEAU

Senior Consultant (Senior Partner)

For most of you, “ThePort” means nothing. Yet in the late nineties Pentalog conceived and developed a suite of business tools: a dynamic interface, content, messaging and task management etc. Nowadays, we would call it a CMS although its mission was to go further. The vocabulary focused on the port sports: ThePortMaster, ThePortLogBook, TheGuide etc. It was all carried out:

  • in Java with a wide range of databases such as MySQL, Oracle etc.
  • and among others: Eric, Dan, Iulia, Seb, Luci… These people remained for the future Pentalog adventures and there have been quite a few! icon_smile

After having sold about thirty licenses, we decided not to go further but without walking out on our clients.

Last Friday I met the IT director of an institution where we had sold a license in 2003. After using it for content management for 10 years, they intend to deploy another solution. We may consider that it was a good investment.

Thus, for those who participated in this project, you must know that your code was efficient, reliable and sustainable.