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Discover Vietnam Offshore Outsourcing! The trip is on me!

Frédéric LASNIER
CEO & Chairman (Founding Partner)

This has become a sort of a tradition for me. Every year I take a small group with me to have them discover Vietnam offshore outsourcing. This year the trip will take place early October, although the exact date has yet to be determined.

It will be an opportunity for me show to a few people what an amazing country Vietnam is, having experienced an annual growth average of more than 7% in the last 10 years.

Vietnam offshore

Discover Vietnam Offshore Outsourcing with Frédéric Lasnier, Pentalog’s CEO! Contact us!

A dream destination in terms of competitive rates

In our particular business sector, Vietnam has incredible assets.

The country is home to a young population who has access to the most modern IT education. As a result, you’ll see their names on high score boards of every code testing platform, including our own.

Their code compliance level is very similar to that of Romania, for example – and they rank well above Argentina and other Latin American countries.

However, the cost of living, level of demand and above all, demographics (population will soon reach 100 million) make for very competitive rates.

To put it simply, Vietnam provides mid-priced quality at low cost prices – an ideal offshore destination.

Seminars with experts from Pentalog

This will be my third time traveling to Vietnam this way. During my last two trips we managed to close a deal with at least one traveler each year, which proves they didn’t waste their time either!

The only requirement for us to pay for your trip is that you have at least one outsourceable project for us to evaluate.

Last year my 3 guests each represented a different continent: one from France, one from Australia and one from Malaysia. This year can be your chance, if your heart so desires!

We’ve planned a half-day hands-on Agile seminar held by our Vietnamese Agile coaches, a personal conference call on Artificial Intelligence with Pentalog’s CTO and a 3-hour Growth Hacking seminar with RevSquare’s own CEO!



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