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IT Outsourcing locations in Europe: Why Bucharest



Are you looking for an outsourcing location for your IT project? If so, you should consider Bucharest, Romania, a vibrant city full of  IT professionals that is ranked 4th in the world for business process outsourcing. Many sources state the fact that Romania is becoming the best place for IT outsourcing in comparison with other countries in the region: Bulgaria, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Russia and Ukraine. Last year’s Tholons Top 100 placed Romania 3rd out of all 5 Eastern Europe countries with high rankings regarding financial attractiveness, people skills and business environment. According to the source, Sofia is 52nd, one position behind Tallinn and ahead of Ljubljana (54th) and Belgrade (95th). Romania’s capital Bucharest is ranked 41st. Other Eastern European cities with high rankings are Krakow (9th position), Warsaw (25th) and Wroclaw (58th), all in Poland. However, I would rank Romania higher than this, below I am going to present 8 points in the hopes of convincing you that Bucharest is not just a contender but the best IT outsourcing location in Europe

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Bucharest is one of the fastest-growing tech cities in Europe. Read more about the Pentalog Bucharest delivery center

Romania has several competitive advantages that you should consider when looking for a nearshore partner. First of all, Bucharest is one of the fastest-growing tech cities in Europe, placing before Amsterdam, Milan, Moscow and Istanbul in a CBRE analysis. Bucharest has many highly skilled IT specialists who have have experience working on various types of projects with cutting edge technology. Of course other cities in Romania and in Europe as a whole have an active IT environment, but Bucharest has additional traits that make it an outstanding IT outsourcing destination in Europe that Pentalog chose when opening our third delivery center.

Why Bucharest?

1. Cultural and geographical proximity to Western Europe

Outsourcing to Romania allows European companies to take advantage of a large period of common working hours. Every western European country has at least 6-7 hours of common working time with Romania meaning that it is easy to access your dedicated team of specialists. Also, if you want to meet your team, Bucharest is easily accessible with many direct flights (1-2 hour flights from Paris or London). 

2. Strong language skills

99% of Romanian students learn two or more languages in upper secondary education, according to this 2016 study. Romania’s level of English proficiency is very high, and the population’s level in French, Spanish, and German is also fairly high. The CBRE report quoted above notes that around a quarter of the outsourcing companies in Romania are American. This is linked to the fact that over 90 percent of the urban population speaks English.

3. Best value for money

Bucharest is neither cheap nor expensive in terms of the hourly rate of IT professionals. However, value and price are two different things. Even if Bucharest does not have the lowest hourly rates the amount of quality you will receive for the price you pay cannot be beaten by other European outsourcing locations. When you choose Pentalog’s IT outsourcing services your company will benefit from high quality developers while  achieving up to 40% in cost savings.

4. Large talent pool of IT&C graduates

Romanians are passionate about IT. A 2017 Brainspotting study shows that Bucharest produces around 2,195 IT&C graduates per year, more than any other city in Romania. When looking at other cities the combined number is over 20,000 IT graduates per year and many of these come to Bucharest looking to put their skills to use. Pentalog Bucharest attracts the best IT specialists due to the fact that it provides career opportunities that use the latest technologies in an Agile environment.

5. Competitive salaries attract reputed specialists

As mentioned before, many graduates come to Bucharest from other cities. This is because the number of opportunities is higher and because salaries are better. The best IT specialist in the area come to Bucharest and competition between recruiters is fierce. So the talent is there, it can just be challenging to recruit it in the competitive Bucharest IT market. However, this becomes easier when working with a local partner like Pentalog. Our HR spinoff, SkillValue, has built up a talent pool of 200,000 skill tested IT profiles of all experience levels that can be used to quickly build up an IT team.

6. High tech expertise

IT professionals in Romania often hold internationally recognized certifications (Linux, Cisco, Microsoft, Oracle, SUN, ISTQB, PMP, CBAP) and have experience working on challenging projects. At Pentalog Bucharest, we keep our IT specialists up to date on the latest technologies with the help of an internal training platform available to all of our developers.

With our It experts in Bucharest we have been developing powerful applications and websites for more than 13 years using a wide range of Front-end and Back-end technologies. We are experienced in IT infrastructure management, embedded system engineering, mobile solutions, and lean product development

7. Bucharest, a vibrant city with solid infrastructure

Bucharest has an international airport and one of the most developed infrastructures among Eastern European cities. It is not a surprise that Bucharest attracts highly skilled workers and foreign investments. It is also a very popular spot for freelances and startups and the city has a large amount of co-working spaces to accommodate them. It is also one of the most important transportation hubs in Eastern Europe, making it a very well connected city not just to its neighbors but to Europe and the rest of the world.

8. High speed internet connection

Romania has the fastest internet in the European Union when measured by maximum speed and is in second place for the percentage of high speed broadband adoption. 9 cities in Romania, Bucharest included, are among the top 15 cities in the world with the highest download speeds for fixed broadband internet connections.

Pentalog’s delivery center in Bucharest is currently managing 25 projects for 20 different clients with 120 IT specialists located in an office close to the city center. The fast and reliable internet connection in Bucharest makes it easy to cooperate and communicate with client companies that are located in the USA, France, Sweden, Germany, and Switzerland. 

Get Started in a Top IT Outsourcing Location

If you want to benefit from a Top IT Outsourcing Destination it helps to team up with the best IT Outsourcing service provider. Pentalog provides a full-stack service offer that covers the entire scope of your IT needs. Our developers in Bucharest are ready to take on any project your most chellening projects. So if you are ready to get your project off the ground contact us today and launch your project in just two weeks.

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