BOT and M&A Services

BOT Marge & aquisition services it outsourcing

We have a vision: 400.000 digital & tech experts contributing their skills to accelerate meaningful projects worldwide, by applying their knowledge of both Digital Services and financial operations. Pentalog has developed a full range of financial operations for M&A and BOT in 3 dimensions:


  • Eastern Europe and Vietnam ITO/Digital Services

  • France and East Coast software companies and digital platforms

  • Business verticals in IoT and other electronic goods, Automotive, web and digital platforms

Eastern Europe & Vietnam ITO/Digital Services

After almost 20 years of constant operations in 4 offshore and nearshore countries Pentalog has constantly increased its influence over the IT industry. As a recruiter, Pentalog and its HR component, SkillValue, have evaluated the technical skills of more than 150 000 developers in 9 countries, coming from 150 universities and 10 000+ companies. All of this evaluation data is available, legal and ranked according to a technical scale. We have also built and now operate 8 service centers that employ close to 1000 people. In 2015 we sold one of them to one of the top IT service providers in Europe. We can help any IT related company to set up a software production unit through a JV or BOT (Build Operate Transfer). We have operated 2 JVs the last years and successfully achieved 2 significant BOT operations. We are also the proud co-owner of 3 startups in Romania in BPO and ITO services.

France & East Coast software companies & digital platforms (France, US)

Today, Pentalog has over 250 startups in its customer portofolio, including a number of branch leaders in IOT, e-commerce, healthcare, energy and smart grid. Pentalog is also constantly intensifying its business relations with Unicorns and blue chips. Among our customers are several companies at the top of Nasdaq. We have connected several US and Europe startups to Fortune 500 players in telecom, energy and commodities.

Business verticals in IoT & other electronic goods, Automotive, web & digital platforms

Pentalog is constantly building its relations with the best European and American ITO/M2M companies and has brought many of them to the top of their respective fields. Today we can claim more than 130+ Pentaguys working exclusively for the best players of the industry in France, Sweden, Belgium, US and Germany.


Our Tech and Financial experts can help you determine targets for your expansion and manage the technical due diligence for you. In addition to this, we can leverage your exits as well as we do it for our own portfolio of startups. Our exceptional customer list and planet wide relations can serve as an excellent growth catalyst for your projects. In 2015 we sold Easyflyer to Vistaprint. Funded through Pentalabbs, we have provided services to key Financial Players on the 2 coasts of the Atlantic such as Index, 500 Startups, Partech, KIma venture and best world-wide business angels.


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