Pentalabbs, The Start-up Accelerator

Growth and creativity

Pentalog, an international high-growth SME and forerunner in providing IT services in Europe and Asia has quickly risen above the competition thanks to a winning combination: cost-killing combined with ongoing quality and production improvement. We have opened the door towards new business models in the IT sector in both Eastern and Western Europe.


Our strategy consists in enforcing traditional software maintenance services with our offshore R&D services and supporting step by step a large number of start-ups and passionate and creative entrepreneurs…

After having reported a first success by launching the first start-up acceleration project inside the Pentalog group (SkillValue, IT recruitment agency), and the creation of the investment fund, Pentalabbs has made available an efficient tool for supporting other IT startups, grow-ups and SMEs in their innovative projects, especially thanks to “Technology for Equity“.

Thanks to its accelerator model, the Pentalabbs investment fund offers unique services to startups from the IT, software, e-commerce and web services fields and is proud to host a genuine innovation campus.

Startup accelerator & Venture capital

Pentalabbs is the global startup accelerator & investor of Pentalog, Pentalabbs invests & provides Services (IT, CTO, Digital Marketing, etc.) against equity in startups and help them to reach their next technical & business milestones. Through this approach, Pentalabbs position itself as the Industrial Strategic Partner. Pentalabbs provides through Pentalog high added-value IT services for start-up, which gives to startups unfair advantages against competition.

Thanks to a dedicated team of experts, Pentalabbs also develops MVP (Minimum Viable Product) for startup. Our experimented and full-stack team is able to develop quickly the MVP you need. Learn more about the MVP creation and the expertise of Pentalabbs.

The objectives of our global start-up support approach are:

  • reduction in the time-to-market
  • maximizing ROI
  • international development
  • optimize startup valuation

Start-up Accelerator

Engineering, Marketing and Finance

Pentalabbs addresses to 3 areas covering the overall innovation approach:

  • IT engineering: architects, development engineers, graphic designer and ergonomists in charge of developing your IT solution
  • Digital Marketing: digital Marketing experts set up the industrialization and virtualization processes that will boost your sales
  • Financing: stake acquisition is part of the possible financial support Pentalabbs can bring.

The objectives of the Pentalabbs acceleration program are as follows:

  • Reducing time-to-market for the start-up’s solution
  • Maximizing its ROI
  • Initiating its international development
  • Optimizing its valuation

Project focus: Easyflyer

Easyflyer is a French start-up, leader in online low-cost printing services. Based on a 100% web model, the young company found in Pentalabbs an efficient support for industrializing the necessary IT developments to accelerate its growth and international expansion.

After refreshing its design, Pentalabbs took over the development of new specific and innovative features and eCommerce tools of the Easyflyer website (Magento, PHP, HTML, CSS, JQuery, SQL technologies). Currently, market studies are being conducted in order to define an expansion strategy in other European countries. Read the success story here.

As a start-up accelerator, the Pentalog group took a stake in Easyflyer, thus supporting their financial needs in a crucial development stage. Pentalog helped Easyflyer achieve its growth objectives more rapidly and gain more credibility from future investors and partners.

Easyflyer reached a sales figure of 1.44 million euros in 2012, an increase of 100% compared to 2011. Now stand-alone and profitable, this e-commerce startup incubator plans to promote its business sector in other countries, as well as to diversify its offer in 2013.

Fabien Prêtre, founding CEO of Easyflyer: “Pentalabbs enables us to exchange our ideas at both strategic and operational levels, in various fields, such as R&D, technological development, marketing strategy, internal and external growth.”

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Great Digital Products Aren’t Created By AccidentPentagility Means IT Excellence at Speed

Creating great software starts with a team that breaks down silos, anticipates risks and communicates openly.
Pentalog equips teams with modular rules and dashboards, to ramp up, scale and pivot quickly, with minimal friction.
We call this toolkit Pentagility, an agile governance methodology for building trusted client relationships.

Project focus: PickmeCab

PickmeCab is a company specialized in cost effective and environmentally-friendly person transportation. Their innovative services are a reliable and economical alternative to usual transportation means. In order to successfully carry out its growth project, PickmeCab chose Pentalabbs to develop its strategy and technological tools in accordance with market needs.

Pentalabbs has developed PickmeCab’s eCommerce platform (Magento, PHP) and completely redesigned the site with a whole new perspective in online sale of this type of services. The team also created and developed a calculus algorithm for route pricing by optimizing distances while taking in consideration various parameters such as traffic-flow conditions and urban constraints. Read the success story here.

For the processing and monitoring of the car booking requests, Pentalabbs has developed a native application for Android tablets which will be used by the PickmeCab drivers. A mobile application for smartphones (Android, iOs and Windows Phone) will be further implemented.

Finally, at Marketing and Recruitment level, the Pentalog ecosystem provides PickmeCab with a daily support that completes Pentalabbs’ intervention in the engineering area.

Khalid Sadiki, founding CEO of PickmeCab: “Pentalabbs allowed us to validate our innovative business model by virtualizing our commercial system and developing our affiliate program.”

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