Blockchain Webinar Replay: How Blockchain Technology will transform your business

On October 25th Aymen Chakhari, Data Scientist at Pentalog, discussed about Blockchain Technology and how it could transform your business. This disruptive technology will lead for sure to new business models.
If you need help to start your Blockchain project or hire your technical team, please ask us!

Big Data Webinar Replay: Do you have a Big Data Platform?

Does your organization already have a big data platform?
Answering this question and others related to business needs can help IT leaders make the right data management choices for their organization’s future success.
Aymen Chakhari, Engineer, STIC PhD (Embedded information systems, Telecoms, R&D funding and innovation, BI, Business Process Monitoring) invites you to watch this webinar & determine which platforms suit your needs:

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