Services for UX/UI design & growth marketing

Pentalog Growth Factory offers services for designing user-centric digital products. Our UX/UI designers, as well as our data analytics, growth hacking, and digital marketing specialists, reinforce your teams to help you more quickly find the right product-market fit and accelerate lead generation.

What is Marketing Automation & Why are People Talking about It?

What is Marketing Automation & Why are People Talking about It? If you’re alive and breathing in 2018, there’s a 99.99% chance you’ve received some sort of communication that was automated. Get a confirmation email after your Amazon haul? Or a reminder about the achingly expensive Le Creuset crock pot seated atop the virtual wish list you “accidentally” sent your mom? Those messages were more than likely set up by a marketer. So, what’s this voodoo magic letting them send thousands of messages at the click of a button? It’s called Marketing Automation and it’s becoming the bread & butter of successful marketers today.

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