Data analytics

Measure, analyze, test


Data is central to many activities, particularly when it comes to the Internet and how it’s used. Not all companies use “big data”, but more and more are moving in that direction. Applications and connected objects generate continuous streams of data. Users are tracked on all digital channels.

This can be a boon for you if you convert to lean development or growth hacking! Continuously experiment with, measure, compare, and adjust your products and services, your website, your content, your digital ad campaigns, your landing pages, and more, all for maximum effectiveness.

Data scientists, business intelligence developers, and web analytics experts to help you grow

Our goal is to help you gain value from data for concrete applications: improve your products and services, detect errors, anticipate situations, reduce risks, etc. Our engineers are able to design complex algorithms and data products to allow you to start processing data on a larger scale.

Areas of operation and skills of our data analytics experts

  • Collecting, processing, and evaluating data
  • Managing statistical tools
  • Implementing automated learning (deep learning, machine learning)
  • Developing data processes on a large-scale
  • Interpreting data in connection with your business-line processes and business models
  • Detecting anomalies and fraud
  • Modeling data

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