Digital advertising

Main channels: search and social media

digital advertising

Digital advertising is the top expense category for advertisers. This growing area has seen budgets focus on search and social media, particularly on mobile devices. How can you tap into the power of Google and Facebook to grow your business, as well as generate leads and sales, with maximum effectiveness?

Your audience is already using Google and Facebook

Every month, hundreds of millions of users across Europe, North America, Asia, and the rest of the world log in to Facebook. Every second, there are more than 60,000 Google searches. Your customers are waiting for you on these channels. If you don’t reach them, your competitors will.

Each digital advertising channel follows its own rules. How can you make your advertisements visible and get your target audience to click on them? What influence mechanisms help spread your content?

Managing digital advertising campaigns

The Pentalog Growth Factory offers you services for managing digital advertising campaigns, using Google AdWords and Facebook Ads, so that you can:

  • target your audience using geographic, demographic, and interest criteria
  • expand existing ad campaigns to reach a larger audience
  • generate traffic and conversions with optimized costs

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