Facebook Ads

Grow your business with Facebook Ads campaigns


Advertising on Facebook is powerful and effective. Better yet, you can directly recruit new customers. With hundreds of millions of active users who log on multiple times per month, Facebook is the number-one social network for spreading information, sharing content, and promoting your products and services.

The success of your Facebook Ads campaigns relies first and foremost on really knowing your audience. Who are the people that you want to reach? Where do they live? What are their professions, ages, and main interests? Who influences them? What types of content make them react, when, and in what format?

Why use Facebook Ads?

Facebook advertising campaigns, or Facebook Ads for short, offer many advantages for digital growth and keeping sales costs low:

  • you can reach a target audience using geographic, demographic (age, gender), and interest criteria
  • you develop an audience and get conversions (leads, customers) at a very low cost compared to non-digital alternatives
  • the Facebook Ads management tool allows you to replicate your best campaigns using larger audiences in just a few clicks

Managing Facebook ad campaigns in agile mode

At the Pentalog Growth Factory, we apply agile development principles to the management of your Facebook ad campaigns.

Our approach comes down to four steps:

  • Set your business objectives
  • Target the best audience for maximum effectiveness of your campaigns
  • Adapt your communication media to Facebook: text, visual content, videos, landing pages, etc.
  • Analyze data and reports to continuously optimize your campaigns and your budget

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