Google AdWords

Reach your target audience faster with AdWords


Internet users make more than 60,000 Google searches per second. If you don’t show up on the first page of search results, they may instead turn towards the products and services of your competitors, presented as either advertisements or organic results.

You’ve written content related to your products and services. How can you make that content visible to your target audience on both computers and mobile devices? The success of Google AdWords campaigns relies first and foremost on your ability to answer the questions that your audience is asking. What are your future customers really looking for? How are your offerings positioned? What makes them better?

Once you have understood your audience, you can plan your AdWords campaigns, perfect your content and landing pages, and optimize the ROI for your web marketing budgets, all with help from our Google AdWords campaign management specialists.

Why should you use an AdWords campaign?

SEA (search engine advertising) campaigns, such as those using Google AdWords, allow you to:

  • reach a large portion of your target audiences
  • generate leads and sales at low costs
  • quickly test multiple variations of advertising messages
  • replicate your best operations using larger target groups

Google AdWords campaigns produce immediate results

At the Pentalog Growth Factory, we manage your AdWords campaigns using an agile development method. We have three main goals: help you exceed your objectives, improve the performance of your digital marketing, and accelerate the growth of your business with a growth-hacking approach.

Our approach comes down to four steps:

  • Setting sales objectives
  • Targeting your campaigns
  • Creating or adapting your online sales content (e.g. text, visuals, landing pages)
  • Analyzing data and reports to continuously optimize your budgets

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