Growth hacking

The four principles of growth hacking

growth hacking

Growth hacking relies on four principles aligned with lean development and design thinking:

1) Marketing is in the product.

2) Growth is centered around the user.

3) New iterations bring optimization.

4) Growth relies on data.

Growth hacking is not just for start-ups

Growth hacking is not just for start-ups. We encourage you to adopt this approach to

  • reduce the risks and costs of marketing your product
  • improve the speed of your growth experiments
  • strengthen your positioning against your competitors

How do you choose what you need to put in the development backlog? How do you decide on marketing priorities? Our four-step approach to growth hacking (analysis, ideation, prioritization, testing) helps you effectively answer these questions.

Experiment quickly to generate growth

Growth hacking is a fast experimentation approach that generates strong growth.

Experimentation can take place at all levels:

  • product development using a lean development approach
  • design of services
  • distribution channels: social selling, email marketing, digital marketing, etc.
  • content marketing: blogs, landing pages, user-generated content, etc.
  • events
  • viral and influence marketing
  • strategic partnerships, and more

The Pentalog Growth Factory teams are at your disposal to help you explore new horizons.