Influencer marketing example

Develop your reputation for ideas, knowledge, and expertise with a larger audience

Influencer marketing example

Influencer marketing develops your reputation for ideas, knowledge, and expertise, helping you attain your growth objectives. Through influencers, your content will reach a much larger audience than your brand’s usual audience.

On the social network Twitter, information is very easily accessible, a major asset to help you with growth hacking.

An example of influencer marketing

Let’s look at an example of influencer marketing. This example includes five steps, proposed by Yoni Winogradsky, Growth & Influencer Marketing Specialist in the Pentalog Software Factory team.

#1. Define the personalities of your buyers.

#2. Search for influencers using 3 criteria:

  • they activate a community of tens of thousands of true “followers”
  • they tweet often with lots of engagement (likes and retweets)
  • they have legitimate expertise on subjects that interest your target audience

#3. Export data on Twitter followers into a spreadsheet: name, Twitter handle, URL for the account, Twitter bio (very useful), number of followers and number of accounts following, etc.

#4. Identify business line experts using their bios. Use the search functions in the spreadsheet to identify certain keywords in the profile descriptions. Bit by bit, you will gather more and more data and get a general idea on the people and subjects that matter.

#5. Continually refine your influencer database. You are now ready to share expert content with them and develop a high-quality audience.

Do you want to find out if influencer marketing can help you achieve your growth goals?

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