Influencer marketing

Reach your target audience through influential people

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing allows you to organically expand the audience for your expert content through influential people. Influencer marketing is used to promote ideas. Influencers can, for example, help show the importance of a health and hygiene habit, like brushing your teeth in the morning and at night. By doing so, they help increase your sales of toothpaste. When an influencer relays a message, its impact is amplified six-fold.

Why should you use influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is a useful communication tool in a number of situations: when consumers start attacking brands on social media, when consumers doubt the objectivity of a product marketing message, or because more and more consumers are using ad blockers online.

Influencer marketing relies on influential people as recommenders and brand ambassadors. There are three essential characteristics for influencers:

  • audience, for example, the number of real followers on their Twitter account,
  • charisma or authority, measured by the engagement of their audience: number of comments, shares, likes, etc.,
  • knowledge or expertise, which are harder to quantify on social media.

Influencer marketing: how the service works

Influencer marketing starts with defining personas, meaning the type of influencers that your target audience listens to. We work with you to set objectives: for example, how many relevant influencers do we need to identify to increase the size of your community 20-fold within two years? We mobilize different levels of influence to organically develop coherent communities.

We automate certain processes. We compare the results to the objectives: the audience for your content across all identified active influencers, growth of your extended community (sum of the followers of your followers), share of voices. We continuously adapt influence marketing operations using agile and growth-hacking approaches.

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