Landing pages

No conversions without a landing page

landing pages

Any web page that directly helps increase your sales can be considered a landing page. The goal of landing pages is to generate leads and conversions, or to collect data on your prospects.

Examples of landing pages include an entryway to the purchase funnel, downloading of a document, sign-up for an event, a price quote request, etc. The perceived value of the interaction is crucial: you’ll get conversion on your landing pages if the visitor finds it easy, danger-free, and worthwhile.

Creating and optimizing landing pages

Our services for creating and optimizing landing pages first and foremost take into account your users, your growth objectives, and the potential of your existing site. When we’re able to, we make gradual adjustments.

Our lean UX and growth-hacking approaches allows us to:

  • test new landing pages at a low cost
  • measure the impact of small changes on generating leads
  • rapidly boost the power of your website

How to optimize your landing pages

An effective landing page converts a significant portion of its visitors into useful, high-quality leads. The power of a landing page depends on several aspects:

  • the volume and quality of incoming traffic
  • understanding of visitors’ needs: are they just learning about your offerings? Are they exploring? Or are they ready to make a decision?
  • the relevance and quality of content, or even the level of personalization for visitors
  • the UX and UI designs: clear, surprise-free navigation

By working with the Pentalog Growth Factory, you get support from data analytics, UX/UI, social media, and marketing automation experts, as well as a “head of growth”, to act simultaneously on the audiences and conversions for your landing pages.

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