Lean UX design

Why choose lean UX design?

Lean ux design

The lean UX design method involves quickly prototyping the user experience and immediately testing the interfaces of websites and applications, with the smallest-possible incremental visual changes. Exchanges with real users improve the effectiveness of the product design team.

Conversely, when design is supplied in discrete blocks, as with the waterfall model, weeks can go by before you get any user feedback, which is risky.

Lean UX design is compatible with agile development methods

The ideal application design team includes UX/UI designers, a product owner, digital marketing and growth-hacking profiles, IT engineers, and developers.

Success relies on the involvement of the entire team, it does not simply rest on the shoulders of the designer. Initial models should be considered working concepts until they are validated by users. Progressive improvements, focused on users, allow you to come up with the minimum viable product (MVP).

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