UX/UI design

The user experience determines success


Create useful, practical apps. Produce web sites that result in conversions. Launch digital campaigns that engage your audience. We provide UX/UI design services and product marketing teams aligned with your growth objectives.

  • Locally: senior UX experts, artistic directors, growth marketing specialists
  • Offshore: graphic designers, web and mobile developers, UI/UX testers

The Pentalog Growth Factory’s UX/UI design services

Our UX/UI services adapt to your situation:

  • develop intuitive applications focused on the needs of users
  • support customer engagement, conversion, and retention
  • provide you with leverage to accelerate growth or to prolong the life span of your digital assets

#1. Offshore graphic design execution, under the supervision of an artistic director

  • You already have an established brand strategy and graphic design
  • You’re looking for one or more graphic designers for execution tasks
  • We can offer you offshore graphic designers supervised by an artistic director
  • Execution plan: 5 days of offshore graphic design execution for 0.5 days of artistic direction

#2. Offshore UX/UI design, under the supervision of a UX/UI director

  • You need UX/UI support for a small or medium-sized project
  • UX/UI design requires graphical management
  • We ensure consistency with your branding, your product strategy, and your graphic design
  • Design plan: 5 days of offshore UX/UI design for 1 day of UX/UI management

#3. Artistic direction and UX/UI design for complex projects

  • You want to develop your branding strategy, your product, and your design
  • We handle the design of applications, web platforms, and any other large digital project
  • The UX/UI and artistic director works with the offshore graphic designer(s)
  • Management plan: 1 day of offshore design for 1 day of UX/UI management.

Pentalog’s designers and developers share the same culture based on results and agility, using the lean UX design approach. Our offshore graphic designers, located in Bucharest and elsewhere in Romania, are supervised by artistic directors and UX/UI directors closer to you, in Paris and New York.

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