Embedded software engineering

Software plays an increasingly significant role in embedded systems. Pentalog’s qualified and experienced consultants can advise you on making the best choices in technology and IT architecture.

    • Embedded software design


Our consultants, analysts, project directors and project managers are committed to understanding your functional needs and your business model, in order to create a software architecture that perfectly meets your requirements.
Design consists of the following phases:
Requirements: We will support your teams in defining and drafting your needs. We will help you design your products and write their requirements by listening to your ideas. We will use this information to determine the critical aspects as well as the innovative elements of your product.
Architecture: We will propose the software architecture for a module or for the whole product.
Software design: We will propose the design and ergonomics for all the interfaces of each screen.


    • Embedded software development


Our teams of engineers provide various embedded development services, such as:
Interface development (UI) ranging from very simple (no screen, only identifiers or buttons) to the most complex (touch screen)
Firmware development for existing products
Driver development (for Windows and Linux operating systems)
– Development of embedded applications for real-time operating systems


Our embedded engineers work on all types of:

– Processors: 8051, PIC, x86, PowerPC, ARM7, ARM9, Cortex-A, Cortex-M, TMS320C6x, TMS320C54x
– Programming languages: C/C++, x86 assembly programming language, Verilog HDL
– Network protocols: TCP IP, ATM, PPP, X25, VoIP (H323, MGCP, SIP, H.261, H.263, RTP, RTCP), CAN, Bluetooth, GSM/GPRS/EDGE, UMTS, Wi-Fi, Wavenis, LonWorks.
– Operating systems: Linux Embedded, NetBSD, VxWorks, µC/OS-II, FreeRTOS
– Tools: OrCAD, PSpice, Mentor Graphics, NI-Labview, MATLAB / Simulink, GDB, Trace32 / Lauterbach, Xilinx ISE® Foundation” Software, QUARTUS II, Atmel FPGA IDS



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