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One of high tech companies’s main concerns is to face a growing lack of qualified human resources in developed countries, especially in Software Engineering. Finding and recruiting the best talents takes a lot of time and money. This has led us to design, implement and industrialize digital recruitment processes and tools to remain highly reactive to our customers’ demand and support their growth on the long-term.


The Pentalog Platform has 850 highly skilled Software engineers under permanent work contract. Browse our software engineers database .

This workforce is completed by lots of additional resources provided by partners and associates that are part of the Pentalog digital Platform. They strengthen I.T. profile recruiting and social branding and therefore contribute to cost- and time-effective ramp-up of human resources. We are able to build and ramp-up teams of several dozens of IT engineers in a few weeks time.



Download for free our price list and enjoy more than 400 prices for IT services tackling the development and maintenance of web applications and sites, mobile applications, embedded systems, consulting services, growth hacking, UI/UX,  cloud computing, etc.


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