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Sorin A.


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  • Superior technical and people skills
  • English language proficiency
  • 16 years of industry experience
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My experience


Lidl DigitalAugust 2018 - Present

The role implies:
Introduce, establish and train of agile methods and agile tools
Train, moderate, adapt and develop agile meetings, -tools and -methods
Establish the agile mindsets within the teams and beyond team borders
Promote transparency and strengthen the confidence into the agile methodology within the company
Train and coordinate other internal agile coaches
Work on defining the methodology used for delivering the projects
Help team members understand the benefits of agile methods
Lead and moderate the daily agile meetings and activities
Support the team by clearing impediments
Work with Product Managers in order to define requirements
Scrum Master role for the team that develops the Payment process of the online shop;
Scaling Scrum using SAFE

VismaJuly 2011 - August 2018

As Release Manager I am responsible for the release process of the projects developed by my team, and making sure that the internal defined procedures are followed and improved..
The team consists of 14 people, and 2 projects, that have their own release cycle.
Main responsibilities involve:
- having built an improved release cycle for optimizing the needed steps
- coordinating the release activites for the Visma Integration Platform
- ensuring the release is planned and delivered as according to stakeholders' needs
- ensuring packages for the release are prepared and delivered on time
- engaging stakeholders in Acceptance testing, before delivering the release

- providing the release notes for the delivered version for both external and internal stakeholders.
The project, that I work with, is enhancing Visma internal and external integrations, by handling the authentication and authorization process as well as forwarding of traffic.
My responsibilities and achievements involve:
- have increased with 40% the number of external clients onboarded on the integrations with Visma services
- have a vision of what to build, and convey that vision to the scrum team
- participate in defining the product strategy and roadmap (roadmap planning, evaluating problems, exploring potential solutions)
-  eliciting, analyzing, documenting and validating business requirements or user stories
- building contact and communication with stakeholders (internal and external) and make sure they are engaged
- training consultants and the clients on using the delivered solution
- planning and grooming the backlog, ensuring to have the vision of the product
- managing the full release cycle for each version which is delivered to the customers (involving internal stakeholder projects)
- building and tracking KPIs
- coordinating the work with other Product Owners
- reporting to the development manager
- focus on quality and performing quality assurance activities
- participate in defining the business model
- defining and monitoring team member goals
Visma has over 7000 employees, and we all follow Agile and Scrum methodology in our everyday' work.
The project that I work with, Integration Service, is enabling  internal and external integrations with Visma ERP and Financials system; we handle the authentication and authorization process as well as the communication channel.
The team consists of 7 people; and the interaction with other teams in Visma is quite frequent.
My main responsibilities involve:
- Coaching teams inside the organization on Scrum process, and how to apply it
- Keeping Scrum process running
- Ensuring a proper power balance between, PO, Team, Management
- Protecting the Team
- Moderating in the Team and helping the team to organize
- Helping to keep the Team focused on the current Sprint
- Helping to achieve Sprint goals
- Working with PO
- Solving impediments
- Encouraging and helping to achieve transparency
- Educating and focusing the Team toward business-driven development
- Detecting hidden problems and strives to solve them
- Helping Team to learn from its experiences
- Using Kanban
- Using Jira and Confluence
- Planning the project plan and activities
- Backlog grooming activities
Member of the Project Management Office in the Organization.
The integrations that I work with, involve internal products with the platforms:
- ERPs, Payroll systems, Expense registration systems, Absence registration systems.
- external systems: different mileage registration systems, web shops, banks.

As Integration Project Manager & Senior Business Analyst I am responsible for internal integrations which are done in (from the Visma ecosystem) and external integrations (integrating projects with 3rd parties):
- gathering and creating requirements
- using scaled Scrum, across teams
- coaching the teams on Scrum principles
- creating the project charter plan
- following up all phases of project management cycle
- being the bridge between internal organizations and teams
- improving the integration delivery process
- handling all activities related to the integration (playing scrum master role, facilitating meetings, organizing the backlog, reporting to development manager, monitring and control for the project).
- risk planning and mitigation
- providing training for clients
Working as part of Expense project and involved in internal and external integrations.
Main responsibilities responsiblities:
- Created the Visma Test policy, which is now part of the company's Quality Management System
- Establishing the process for working with several testers (across different teams), and managing the assignment of testing tasks
- Test Coordination, planning and reporting of testing done across teams
- Project Integration Management
- Functional Testing
- Usability Testing
- Regression Testing
- Integration Testing
- SOAP UI testing
- Performance testing: JMeter
- Creating end user documentation, using Oxygen, Dita
- Implementing automated tests, using FitNesse testing tool
- Gathering, creating and reviewing requirements and specifications
- Creating test cases based on requirements
- Providing 3rd level support for customers
- Establishing communication with Stakeholders and Product Owners

Total TradMay 2009 - September 2011

- Translating documents from Romanian to English or vice-versa.
- Different type of domains covered: technical, IT, medical, juridical.

Sintec MediaAugust 2009 - September 2009

Functional Testing
- Creating test cases based on requirements
- Web service testing using SOAP UI
- Stress testing

Collaboration for different projectsSeptember 2006 - May 2009

Translation of documents from English to Romanian, or viceversa.

Work for several companies was done based on collaboration for different projects.

Collaboration for different projectsSeptember 2006 - May 2009

Translation of documents from English to Romanian, or viceversa.
Work for several companies was done based on collaboration for different projects.

Oz MAratonApril 2008 - October 2008

Olfav Impex SRLNovember 2007 - April 2008

My stack

Usability testing, Test strategy, Test management, Test Execute, SQL, Risk management, Regression testing, Jira, Integration testing, Exploratory testing, Bug Tracking, API testing, Manual testing, Business Analysis, SoapUI, TortoiseSVN, Git, JMeter, FitNesse, Functional testing, System testing, Project Management, Scrum, Agile, Web Services