My experience


Self EmpolyedMay 2017 - Present

Worked for international company as a Corporate Cloud Architect to define a global strategy for leveraging Devops and major Public Cloud platforms to manage business and critical applications

Main achievements
- Defined Corporate guidance for the Azure Cloud and Devops practices mainly oriented toward Platform as a Service computing adoption
- Worked on the cloud Onboarding of the Business Unit IT teams in France, Portugal, UAE, Romania, Brazil, Singapore, Shanghai…
- Designed a cloud Oriented-Architectures with a high security and scalability level according a “Platform as a Service” approach and using modern Devops tools
- Took advantage of Azure Devops for modeling a fully automated CI/CD processes

Technology Stack:
- Azure Cloud: App Service, SQL Azure, Cosmos DB, Redis Cache, Azure Storage, API Management, Service Bus, Key Vault, Active Directory, Application Insight, Event Hubs, Data Factory, Front Door...
- Development Platform: .Net Core, .Net Framework
- Security: OpenId Connect, JWT
- Development environment: Azure Devops Repo (GIT), Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code
- Devops tools: Azure Devops Pipelines, Azure Resource Management, Sonar
- API Management : APIGEE, Akana

ZAGSApril 2014 - May 2017

I was hired by ZAGS as senior software architect to extend the R&D CORE team's capabilities to define a new high level architecture for insurance software built on .net Technologies.
My main role was to provide high level solutions to extend and improve the overall software design.

My main achievements:
-Defined a technical software roadmap with the objective of decommissioning legacy code and older frameworks and proposing innovative solutions
-Designed high level architecture based on proven patterns (ESB, Messaging, Hexagonal Architecture, IOC, Command Processor Dispacher,Oauth2, OpenId Connect)
-Worked closely with integrators to refine the physical architecture planning and to define the system integration plan based on customer’s requirements and network constraints
-Defined guidance for designing and development web application based best practices (security, performance, Browser compatibility, testability) and in particular .NET technology
-Led a technical surveillance to assess new technologies and third party libraries to define backend/frontend technology stacks
-Mentored onshore and offshore teams (Tunis, India) and reviewed their work to ensure compliance to architecture and design principals
-Worked closely with devops team for creating fully automated CI/CD build and deployment infrastructure
-Took advantage of TFS benefits to organize SCRUM development projects

Technology Stack:
-Backend: C#, ASP.NET Core, ASP WEBAPI, WCF, Entity Framework, Dapper, Unity, Linq, Nlog, NancyFX, Paramore, NServiceBus
- Frontend: ASP MVC, ES7, React, Redux, Babel, JSX, Angular
Security: Identity Server, WAAD, ADAL
- Development environment: TFS, Visual Studio 2017, Visual Studio Code
- CI/CD: TFS Build, VSTS, octopus, docker
- Data source: SQL Server, MongoDB, DocumentDB
- Infrastructure: Windows Azure (Service BUS, Active Directory, ACS, DocumentDB), IIS
- Patterns: Hexagonal Architecture, SOA, REST, Owin, IOC, Command Processor Dispacher, Oauth2, OpenId Connect

CASTApril 2011 - March 2014

I was hired by CAST as .Net Architect with the objective to provide high level consulting services for major client and to be technical leader for development team within the software publisher department

My main achievements:
- Designed and implemented a multi-tierd architecture based on Silverlight, ASP.NET, WCF, Entity framework, Unity libraries and SQL Server Database
- Managed a continuous integration platform with Team Foundation Server
- Led a several consulting services and audits for various customers (Natixis, Quatrem, Solvay, BPCE, EDF Trading…)
- Mentored and led a development team, in which we were in charge of implementing a quality benchmarking application based on ASP MVC Framework
- Led a development team, in which we were in charge of implementing a report generator application based on WPF libraries and MVVM pattern
- Conducted technological surveillance centered on dotnet technologies and TFS

Technology Stack:
- Backend: Framework 4.5, C#, WCF, Entity Framework 6, Unity, Linq, Nlog
- Frontend: ASP .NET MVC, SilverLight, WPF, Jquery
- Development environment: TFS, Visual Studio
- Infrastructure: SQL Server, Postegres, Windows Azure (ACS, Active Directory), IIS

Novedia SolutionsNovember 2005 - April 2011

I was hired by Novedia as a technical expert of Microsoft .Net technology and a member of .Net skills center providing technical advice and consultancy to clients and management on matters of software architecture, design and development.

My main achievements was:
- Being a technical leader within several development teams, in which we were in charge of designing and implementing a Dotnet secured extranet and client/server applications.
- Assisted clients in the selection of technical solutions based on proof of concept development and strength/weaknesses analysis.
- Wrote best practices guidelines.
- Conducted various technology watch centered on .Net technologies.
- Participated to the Pre-sale activity.

Core Technology Stack:
- Microsoft .Net: C#, ASP.NET, WCF, EF, WPF, SilverLight.
- SQL Server, Oracle.
- Visual Studio, Team Foundation Server.

PS'SOFTFebruary 2002 - November 2005

Within the R&D department, I was brought on to lead a short sized team (5 persons) in charge to improve the product line-up with new tools such as knowledge base, network discovery tool and internal invoicing management tool.

My main achievements was:
- Supervised entire lifecycle of development project.
- Defined a detailed design by using UML.
- Wrote internal framework components and new business features.
- Mentored a developer team and helped junior developers gain understanding of C# and .NET framework and apply this accordingly.

Core Technology Stack:
- Microsoft .Net: Framework .Net, C# Asp .Net, ADO .Net, .Net Remoting, Web Services.
- SQL Server, Oracle.

Tech ASISeptember 1999 - February 2002

Developed for variousclients a several full lifecycle projects, as well as maintain previously existing projects Technology Stack: ASP, VB6, Visual C++, JavaScript, COM/DCOM, SQL Server 7.

My stack

WPF, Web Services, Visual Basic 6, Unity, TFS, SQL Server Reporting Services, SQL Server Integration Services, SQL, Software Architect, REST, Redis, Project Management, Oracle, NoSQL, NHibernate, MVVM, MVC, MongoDB, Microsoft Visual C/C++, Microsoft SQL Server 7.0, Microsoft SQL Server, Jscript, jQuery, JavaScript, Git, Entity Framework, Docker, DevOps, Design Patterns, Database Design, Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment, Continuous Delivery, Cloud Computing, Azure Cloud, Azure, ADO, Active Directory, .NET Remoting, .NET Core, .NET