Oussama C.


970 dollar
7 years

My experience


LeGuideMay 2016 - November 2017

Managing a team of 10 people (local and remote teams) and Scrum
Methodology (Poland, Germany, France, Tunisia, Bulgaria)
- Scrum Master, Management 3.0
- Hiring resources, management of technical budget, training, diversification of sources of service
- The legacy of the Management Plan. separation of the layers, micro services.
- Redesign the data pipeline, memory first, study and audit.
- Audit of the existing and action plan
- Coordination with the various stakeholders
- Establishment of a development and test environment, infrastructure as a service: Docker, micro services.
Keywords: Management, Docker, Rancher, Kafka, Restful APIs, Microservices, Scrum, Data, ELK, ntlk, laravel, etc.

Ark.comJune 2010 - February 2013

Discussing rounds with investors (Ycombinator)
- Development and implementation of a social networking site ark.com.
- Advanced search engine, on large dataset, data segmentation, matrix algebra, graphs, data mining, clustering.
- Incubation by YCombinator
Keywords: Scrum, ElasticSearch, nodejs, PHP, MVC, cloud computing, HA, scalability, Big Data, etc.

French EmbassyMay 2012 - February 2013

(Tunisia) - Development and implementation of the portal of the French Institute in

Innova TunisiaApril 2009 - June 2010

Studies on the needs and writing functional and technical specifications,
design and Web application development.
- Big team
Keywords : Methode XP, PHP5, MVC, R&D, MySql, design, HA, scalability..

Tele2June 2008 - April 2009

Edatis Senior Developer then Project Manager: - Development on behalf of SkyTeam, idTGV, Tele2, Webreflex, writing
functional and technical specifications, design and develepment.

Aero SAAugust 2007 - June 2008

Realization of an application that decrypts and parses the French yellow pages
for a given search

JustfindnowFebruary 2007 - August 2007

Web application design and deployment of web 2.0 solution.
Developement and deployment of SSO (Single Sign On) and platform for study
and Google SEO/SEM.


Development skills Nodejs, Express, PHP / J2EE, Java / Webservice / C, C ++, C #(.NET), ASP, ASPX /
Python, Perl / Visual Basic and VBScript / JavaScript / XML, SQL 2, SQL

Databases Installation, administration and management of MySQL databases, Oracle, SQL
Server, Access, SqlLite, postgres, mongodb, DynamoDB, Cassandra, Neo4j, Graph

My stack

IT Infrastructure

iOS, Varnish, CentOS, Cloud Computing, Linux Red Hat, Docker, Linux, Ubuntu, VPN


Prestashop, Ext JS, jQuery, Magento, WordPress, Zend Framework, Laravel, Django, AngularJS


UML/OMT, Architect, R & D, Scrum Master, Management, Project and team manager, Ex leader, Micro management, Spring Framework, sentimental analysis, Personal Home Page, Senior Developer, Mathematics Bachelor, Serverless, Visualizer, Windows Azure Platform, Amazon Web Services, English, MVC Framework, Technical Program Manager, installation administration and monitoring, Transverse Development, Development Design, Web application design and deployment, Zend PHP 5, C Programming Language, Load Balancing, Diploma > Diploma Software engineering, Java Messaging Service, Chief Technology Officer, Diploma > Diploma Engineering, operating systems, delivery manager, Log analysis, Architect, Scrum Master, Secure Socket Layer, Microsoft DOS, Microsoft Windows 9x, Apple MacOS, Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional, Project Manager, Consultant, Joomla!, Microsoft Windows NT, Linux Debian, Headless CMS, Manager, Designer, Java 2 Enterprise Edition, Microsoft Access, Perl Programming, Active Server Pages, Developer, French, Microsoft .NET Technology, Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Windows, industry~it, Backbone, PhpED, WEBSOCKET, Technical Manager, lifecycle, Apache Cassandra, Full Stack, Amazon DynamoDB, Technical Design > Technical Specification, Apache HBase, Data Specialist, ASPX, SQLlite, Python Programming, Scrum Methodology, SQS, Mobile Applications, RESTful APIs, Test-Driven Development, Web Application Development

Environment of Development

Eclipse IDE


Scala, VBScript, MVC, Jscript, JavaScript, Visual Basic, SQL, XML, C++, Java

Big Data

Spark, Apache Kafka, Data Mining, Hadoop

Application servers

ELK, Zookeeper



Analysis methods and tools

Apache Maven, DevOps, Agile Methodology, GCC


Machine Learning, IBM WebSphere, RabbitMQ, ActiveMQ, ElasticSearch, Web Services, YUI, Drupal, Express, Ember.js, MapReduce


API, Team management, SDLC, Continuous Integration, Multithreading, Social Media, Design



Open Source solutions

ModX, Kubernetes


Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Redis, Oracle, NoSQL, MongoDB, PostGreSQL

My education and trainings

Diploma, Software Engineering - INSAT