Sergio F.


Mexico City, MEXICO

My experience


SAFT.IndustriesAugust 2017 - Present

My latest consulting brand, now focused on developing SAAS, Cloud and Mobile software for
entrepreneurs. With many years of technical experience working on MVP's, proof of concepts and
early stage startups, we are now offering an end-to-end process for the Founder, in order to enable

in technical terms the business vision of the company.

RoombieFebruary 2016 - Present

I created Roombie to help people establish relationships with great potential roommates around the


Self- employedDecember 2006 - Present

Quick facts:

1. Started programming at 8 years old, and got my first consulting gig at 17, for a Swiss company in Mexico City.

2. Before GitHub existed, I was doing web apps with Javascript, ASP, and SQL Server for the World Health Organization. 

3. When Obama was showing off his BlackBerry everywhere, I was on site, in Calgary, AB, programming a Blackberry app for a client there.

4. Once, a rock band hired me to develop the accompanying iPad app for their new single, a digital sound visualization in 3D done in C++.

This all happened in a 100% remote, consulting basis. I worked 6 years for a mobile services company in Peru, my app processing around 1 million SMS messages per day. I also lived in Vancouver, Paris and Amsterdam while working remotely.

I can help you with the following:

- Plan, design, budget and execute the technological solution, in order to fulfill the feature roadmap.

- Evaluate and decide on what technologies to use and for what.

- Decide when to buy ready made things, and when to build them anew.

- Design and implement a realistic, effective, communicable and sustainable work process for the tech area.

- Evaluate, hire and assign personnel, defining incentives for the tech department 

- Offer the technical perspective on the company's wide goals

- Give technical answers to the Management, the investors, the employees and the company’s clients.

- Establish QA systems for the software products, as well as defining the overall technical priorities.

- Participate in events with the public, investors or clients, when appropriate.

Oh, I can code as well in Javascript, SQL, C#, C++, Swift, Java, and other less popular things.


Self-employedDecember 2010 - November 2015

The 2nd brand I founded to provide consulting services. Originally I intended to develop mobile games, but after 2 failed attempts, I gathered all the technical know-how on mobile development and began offering consulting on these topic, eventually migrating to BlackBerry, and all the way to iOS. In the mean time, I had clients for mobile apps in Canada, USA, Mexico and France, among others. I also offered successfully professional development training on iOS in Spanish, featuring my particular view on developing business apps for the platform.

My stack

Environment of Development

Google Cloud




Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Transact-SQL


.NET Framework, IBM Bluemix Service

My education and trainings

Mathematics - National Autonomous University of Mexico1996 - 2000