Konrad H.


665 dollar
7 years
Warsaw, POLAND

My experience


Entres Corporation LTDApril 2015 - Present

CTO & Senior Kotlin+Java 12 Team Leader & Project Manager & Architect, Entres Corporation LTD [UK], Senior Kotlin+Java 12 Team Leader: Recruiting, motivating and mentoring engineers. Accepting all pull requests in all projects. Getting done tasks that no one else is able to do.
CTO & Project Manager: Managing projects portfolio, risks, and priorities. Maintaining a KANBAN board. Creating, estimating, distributing, scheduling and verifying tasks. Nominating mentors. Recruiting and introducing new members into the organization. Handling escalations. Representing and negotiating on behalf of the company. Human resources management across all projects.
CTO & Architect: Researching and choosing technologies. Lobbying business solutions. Planning architecture and project's future. Drawing diagrams.
Foreseeing possible bottlenecks and overcoming them. Leading projects and the organization's technological transformation.

Project EC (microservices): Kotlin, Java 8, Mockito, JUnit, Lombok, Jackson, Spring (Framework 5, Data, Boot 2, Cloud, MVC, Social, Integration, Kafka, AOP, Security), Vaadin, Tomcat, Docker, Akka, Thymeleaf, Gradle, Cassandra, Spock, Spek, Kodein, Ansible, Cucumber.
Project EM (MVVM): Kotlin, Android.
Project R (actor system): Java 8, Mockito, JUnit, Lombok, Jackson, Spring (Framework 5, Data, Boot 2, AOP), Jetty, Akka, Gradle, Spock.
Project H (microservices): Kotlin, Spring (Framework 5, Boot 2), Camunda BPMN, Maven.
Project K (microservices): Java 12, TypeScript, Spring (Framework 5, Boot 2), Gradle, Angular 6.
Projects C, E (infrastructure management): Bash, Ansible, Python.
Projects D, OC, N (libraries/frameworks): Kotlin.

YouNeedIT sp. z o.o.February 2020 - Present

Senior Java & Regular Scala/C# Software Engineer, YouNeedIT sp. z o.o. [Remote],
Project (microservices): Data virtualization. Technology: Java, Scala, C#, Spark, jni4net, Thrift, FlatBuffers.

SITL Corporation IncFebruary 2019 - Present

Project (client-server): Distributed file system.
Senior C++ Team Leader (20% of time): Recruiting, motivating and mentoring. Carrying out IT expertise. Accepting all pull requests.
CTO & Project Manager (50% of time): Managing budget, tasks, risks, and priorities. Holding meetings and calls.
CTO & Architect (30% of time): Sales support. Negotiating terms with clients. Establishing a company's IT strategy and supervising its execution.

LizardFS IncNovember 2018 - February 2019

Project (client-server): Distributed file system.
Senior C++ Team Leader (20% of time): Recruiting, motivating and mentoring. Carrying out IT expertise. Accepting all pull requests.
Manager & Project Manager (30% of time): Managing budget, tasks, risks, and priorities. Holding meetings and calls.
Architect (50% of time): Sales support. Negotiating terms with clients. Establishing a company's IT strategy with board members and supervising its execution.

Braintri sp. z o.o.October 2018 - December 2018

Junior Swift/iOS Software Engineer, Braintri sp. z o.o. [PL],
Technology: Swift, CocoaPods, SnapKit.

iCompass sp. z o.o.June 2017 - October 2018

Project (microservices): Integrating distributed (SOA/ESB) card transaction system for MasterCard and Le Crédit Lyonnais (French bank).
Technology: Java, Spring (Framework 5, MVC, Boot 2, HATEOAS), JUnit, Mockito, Lombok, Jetty, Tomcat, Wildfly/JBoss AS/JBoss EAP, Fuse ESB/Fabric8
(ServiceMix, CXF, Commons, Camel, ActiveMQ, OSGI/Karaf/Felix), Graylog, Keycloak, Orika, Guava, Kafka, Jackson, XSD, TypeScript, Angular 5 6, Redux, YARN, NPM, Maven, Kotlin, Python 3, Ansible, Docker, R, plotly.

Senior Java 8 Team Leader (70% of time): Mentoring, motivating and taking part in juniors evaluation interviews. Integrating our microservices with cryptography services. Managing pull requests. Creating, estimating and verifying tasks. Researching and introducing new technology into projects. Ensuring highest code quality and design/integration/architecture patterns compliance.
Junior Software Architect (15% of time): Finding, researching, giving an opinion and proposing new technologies for projects. Discovering technology problems and proposing solutions. Drawing diagrams. Negotiating technical needs and risks with clients. Proactively supporting and offloading senior architects.
Regular DevOps (10% of time): Creating CI/CD. Automatizing developer environment set up. Day-to-day team's problem solving related to security, cryptography, Linux, cloud computing, containerization and virtualization. Writing, validating and code reviewing Ansible playbooks and Python scripts.

Retico Solutions sp. z o.o.July 2016 - October 2016

(5% of time): Consuming REST API. Proposing technology upgrades.

Full-stack (Senior Java + Regular JavaScript), Retico Solutions sp. z o.o. [PL],
Backend (microservices): Java 8, Spring (Framework 4, Data, Boot, Social), Neo4j, Tomcat, Gremlin, Tinkerpop, Amazon Web Services (SES, SNS, DynamoDB, EC2, Gateway, Lambda, SQS, Cognito), Mockito, JUnit, TitanDB, Castor, Jackson, Velocity, Groovy, Gradle.
Frontend (fat client-server): ReactJS, NodeJS, AJAX, NPM.

Efigence s.a.April 2015 - February 2016

Tasks: Designing and implementing a stock exchange system for a bank Pekao s.a.
Desktop (thin client-server): Java 8, Guice, Guava, Swing, Synthetica, Apache Commons, Spock, JFreeChart, Mockito, JUnit, Maven.
Server (microservices): Java 7, IBM WebSphere, Hibernate, Oracle database, Spock, Mockito, JUnit, SAX/DOM/SAXDOMIX, Maven.

Software Business Group sp. z o.oMay 2014 - November 2014

Tasks: Maintaining and improving websites, CMSs and CRMs. Technology: PHP 5.3, Bootstrap, Smarty, jQuery, MySQL, HTML, AJAX.

My stack

Big Data

Big Data, Blockchain, Apache Kafka, Data Mining

Open Source solutions

Kubernetes, ServiceMix




Time Management, Saga, PostGIS, DDD, Artificial Intelligence, Problem Solving, Continuous Deployment

Analysis methods and tools

DevOps, Kanban, Gradle, Apache Maven, Junit, Jackson, MVVM


C++, Prolog, Java, Oracle PL/SQL, JavaScript, Python, Groovy, JAVA 8, JAVA 9, TypeScript, Kotlin, Lisp, XML Schema, Scala, MVC, Matlab, SQL, HTML


Computer Science - Information System Engineering, HR & Project Management, Regular PHP Software Engineer, Junior Java/Android Software Engineer, Full-stack Freelancer, Regular TypeScript Software Engineer, Automatizing developer, Junior Software Architect, TypeScript & DevOps, Senior Java Team Leader, Senior C++ Team Leader, Java 12 Team Leader, Kotlin JEE, Cisco Certificated Network Associate, Synthetica, hidden service administration, After successful scheduling, Junior Architect, Python Programming, PC Hardware > Intel PCs, Master's degree - Management, DNS Management, Zachman Framework, Guice, IT Security, C Programming Language, Lombok, SAXDOMIX, UML/OMT, Spring Framework, Personal Home Page, English, industry~it, Microsoft C-SHARP, Java Swing, French, Manager, Jakarta TOMCAT Servlet Engine, Test-Driven Development, Secure Socket Layer, Linux Debian, Project Manager, Team Leader, pair programming, Analyst/Programmer, Russian, Linux Fedora, Document Object Model, Cisco Certified Network Associate, Apple Mac, Architect, Service Oriented Architecture, JavaFX, Polish, Chief Technology Officer, Analytical skills, decision support, Information security level CONFIDENTIAL, REACTJS, Information Technology, actor, Back End, Front End, GDPR, Behaviour-Driven Development, Bash Shell, Apache Cassandra, Full Stack, Amazon DynamoDB, Distributed Computing, Dynamic Programming, Backup & Recovery > Backups, Enterprise Service Bus, API management, Linux Essentials certification

Machine Learning

Neural networks

Software testing

Mockito, Spock, Cucumber

Application servers

Jetty, WildFly


MySQL, Oracle, SQLite, NoSQL


Thymeleaf, Jboss, Amazon Web Services (AWS), ActiveMQ, Akka, Apache Commons, IBM WebSphere, NumPy, TOGAF


Hibernate, Smarty, AJAX, Bootstrap, jQuery, AngularJS, Vaadin, Node.js, Grails, SAX



IT Infrastructure

RAID, Ansible, Linux, DFS, Ubuntu, Docker, Docker Compose, Cisco Switches/Routers, Linux Red Hat, Infrastructure Management, KVM, Virtualization, Cloud Computing

Environment of Development

Vagrant, Unreal Engine, JADE

My education and trainings

Linux Essentials certification - Linux Professional Institute

Masters Degree, Computer Science, Data Science - University of Warsaw2019 - 2021

Masters Degree, Management - Marketing - University of Warsaw2018 - 2020

Masters Degree, Computer Science, Intelligent Information Systems - Warsaw School of Economics2016 - 2020

Masters Degree, Computer Science - Artificial Intelligence - Warsaw University of Technology2016 - 2019

Computer Science - Information System Engineering - Military University of Technology2012 - 2016

Passed CCNA certification - Warsaw University of Technology2014 - 2016