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XenomorphOctober 2018 - October 2019

Constructed a client-side pan-database instrument search functionality with multiple levels of redundancy and its own query planner and optimiser.

Provided an Excel like interface for a web portal to process data transformation rules.

Worked to transform the product offering to target Price Verification for banking regulations.

Self-employedJune 2018 - November 2018

Various freelance projects

Andurand Capital Management LLPMarch 2015 - May 2018

Created the architecture and implementation of the company's trade booking system. The system was primarily aimed at futures and options but also equities, swaps, FX and bonds.

Worked to create a distributed pricing platform with extensive redundancy. Created tools for market analytics and forecasting.

British Fencing AssociationFebruary 2014 - September 2014

The BFA are an organisation which promotes the sport of fencing within the UK and has the aim of transforming the sport from a hobby to a commercial industry on par with football, boxing or tennis.

Contracted as a Software Solutions Architect for two distinct tasks, to provide analytics on the British competitors and to produce a development plan for a centralised management system for the running of all sports related functions. Managed a dozen stakeholders within the organisation whilst liaising with the CIO.

• Assisted to source a development company to produce the future internal system to run the sport.
• Designed and specified the database structure of the future system.
• Explained to the technical staff the structure and functionality of the future system.
• Built automated tools in C# for the collection of such data – including spiders to collect HTML and XML and data transformation services to render these into a common format.
• Designed automated tools to allow the integration and resolution of data inconsistencies and to make choices over the quality of data received.
• Mined the data to discover patterns and built a report generator in Excel VBA to produce a report for the board to make strategic decisions.

• Achieved the first clear and verifiable picture of the performance of the sport over the last 10-15 years. This promoted the board’s effectiveness at making decisions to influence lobby groups which allowed them to apply for funding from the sporting bodies.
• The statistical and data led approach identified the need to rebalance some of the priorities regarding the sport; i.e. the Olympics was an effective enlistment period. This allowed the board to review its performance and reallocate future resources more effectively.

Thomson Reuters/NasdaqApril 2009 - December 2013

A global financial services company connected to the exchange markets and providing financial reports to the boards of large cap corporations.

Worked as a Systems Designer / Developer servicing 30 to 40 client-facing analysts in the London office and also working with similar sized teams in the US, Australia, India as well as the Philippines. Teams varied from single developer projects to those spanning several multiple countries and involving six to eight developers.

• Negotiated and agreed a move towards a centralised, co-operative form of working for analysts, replacing silo-based working and reducing risk
• Successfully replaced complex Excel VBA macros with efficient, stable systems built in C#, ASP.NET, Ms SQL Server and Oracle

1. Fixed Income Client Portal Management System
• The aim of the project was to conceive a more marketable product to the client and to reduce the internal resources required to achieve it
• Produced and ed a business plan to automate the production of websites for the fixed income team
• Sole developer for this project
• Created a HTTP intercept to redirect browser requests for a particular client to an appropriate template with appropriate white labelling
• Created ASP.NET websites, each to be a template of that system, with highly customisable content, banners, regionalisation and functionality

2. Emergency Response System
• Production of an emergency response system to flag clients that we were at risk of losing, and to effectively rally management and internal teams more effectively
• Took initiative to take on the responsibility for the design, development and deployment of the system
• Inferred the specification by investigating the associated workflow from related departments

• The fixed income tool brought development costs down from a potential of three months to absolute zero. It also provided a client service that was far in advance of the industry standard

Palantir Economic SolutionsSeptember 2008 - December 2008

A company providing taxation analysis services, established within the Oil sector but aiming to grow into the banking sector.

Consultant .NET Developer
A role bridging between the technical department and the consulting department to allow a more effective client led focus.

Responsible for:
• Singlehandedly designed and built a C# Tax and accounting dependency analysis system to aid regulators to identify compliance in custom .NET modules
• Built a C# profitability modeller producing scenarios with variable factors such as labour, materials, taxation

• Built a .NET decompiler so that custom VB.NET modules could have their internal logic traced and ed graphically. The great benefit of this being that non-technical regulators could investigate without technical knowledge making the product much more marketable

Seattle SoftwareSeptember 2005 - September 2008

A company producing Document Management software targeting large organisations such as commercial banks or governments to manage their rigorous internal procedures

Development Leader
A development role to develop the company’s Document Management Software product to produce a more competitive and state-of-the-art advantage

Responsible for:
• Managed in-house development team of 4 and an overseas testing team of 2
• Drew up new system architecture to upgrade product from original VB to C# and restructured to be quickly extended to provide bespoke customer requirements
• Designed and integrated client specific requirements according to new and potential sales
• Devised replacement algorithms to run with greater robustness and efficiency

• Dramatic speed increase in number crunching algorithms – previously (as perceived by the user), from three hours down to a third of a second
• Seamlessly integrated Ms Reporting Services via an ASP.NET from end with a report management system, making a more complete user experience and thus making the product more marketable

British Telecom WholesaleJuly 2005 - August 2005

The side of BT which managed the physical backbone of the country’s telecommunication system

Contract Architect / .NET Developer
A development role to improve the internal systems of the telecommunications provider

Responsible for:
• Sole responsibility for the design and develop an intranet ASP.NET tool to co-ordinate the workflow of dozens of internal IT departments

• Devised a workflow creation system which allowed departments to negotiate the interaction between speeding up the time it took to get decision finalised.

NewsquestApril 2004 - July 2005

The ultimate owner of the vast majority of local papers throughout the UK

Development Manager
Responsible for:
• To co-ordinate technological resources spread across London and the UK
• To promote the growth of their online arm of the business by developing new journalist tools to aid efficient production and also to add more income generation features such as a business portal and advertising services.

• Created semi-automated news systems in PHP for managing the internet versions of national newspaper chain and also developed an internal data management system in ASP.NET to link to proprietary systems

Factiva Dow Jones & ReutersMarch 2004 - April 2004

A company working with both Reuters and Dow Jones to broker financial information

Contract .NET Developer
• To extend a CMS written in ASP / VB.NET / Javascript on Windows 2k platform using Ms SQL Server and COM components to accept UTF-8 encoding for the Russian market.
• Worked on the Reuters photo archive using ASP and Oracle to rebuild the software to cope with greater loading.

French EmbassyApril 2003 - March 2004

A role within a division of the French Embassy to report on and promote scientific advancement; A highly autonomous internal development role to promote communications with overseas branches across the globe

• Designed and built a media system for co-ordinating science departments of the French Embassy
• Integrated a graphical based web word-processor in PHP including dictionary and translation support

Kings ColledgeJune 2002 - April 2003

A department covering all forms of media from theatre, film and music processing to event management

A full life-cycle analysis and development project to turn around the largest London media company’s customer support and workflow
Responsible for:
• To design and build an E-commerce system front-end and internal workflow management for media organisation

• Convinced management to move from a product based strategy to a service based strategy
• Produced a six times increase in staff productivity and due to increase quality of work, industry awards for the department

South China Morning PostAugust 1996 - January 2001

Asia's largest English language and most prestigious financial newspaper; A role at, tasked with exploring the new online publishing market

Responsible for:
• To manage a team of developers, liaise with news editors and manage the project flow

• Built on-line editorial system with pioneering article management
• Designed and constructed a financial data management system
• Won international awards for best online news website

My stack

XML, Visual Basic, System Architect, SQL, SDLC, Oracle, jQuery, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, ASP.NET, .NET Framework, .NET