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Singer's SanctuaryJuly 2015 - Present

Private Voice Teacher for contemporary singers. I work with Musical Theatre, Pop, Rock, Hard Rock and Metal singers. I teach students how to use their
God-given instrument in the most natural, unhindered, efficient way possible.
This includes teaching them proper breath support (appogio), making it all one voice-connecting the bottom, middle and top ranges of your voice to create one seamless contiguous voice. How to vary the amount of chord depth to be able to sing from thin to thick depending on the needs of the song. Giving edge, bite and power to your voice by eliminating any breath that is escaping unused through the vocal cords and using proper support to feed the voice only the amount of air it needs for that note. How to add emotion and vocal distortion to your songs. Telling the story of the song.

Denis J. Lanza ConsultingMay 2018 - Present


InterImageSeptember 2018 - October 2019

* Upgraded two .NET 2.0 applications to .NET 4.5.2 including dealing with all of the licensing issues for third-party controls, integrating new APIs and making all necessary coding changes. This was to implement TLS 1.2.
* I am responsible for making all bug fixes, upgrades, enhancements and writing new functionality for the Accident/Incident Reporting Application of the FRA (Federal Railroad Administration)
* I track all of my tasks, discussions and artifacts through TFS (Team Foundation Server) in addition to using it for code source control.

Connecticut Department of TransportationSeptember 2018 - January 2019

* Conducting user interviews to gather requirements for the data and functionality required by the enterprise data system being built.
* Going over data requirements of other departments with the data steward and determining how best to provide their data.
* Developed a data dictionary based on the pre-existing database tables and going over each dataset with the data steward and domain expert from each department for accuracy, inclusion in the final TED data warehouse and any redactions or non-public data.
* Going over our findings each week in a meeting with all members of the TED Team from each department to discuss our overall findings and how they integrate holistically with the entire enterprise.
-Researched different possible solutions, platforms, approaches and methodologies for the TED system then presenting them to the core TED
Team for discussion.
* Worked with the core TED Team on how to solve different challenges in the system while mitigating risk and fulfilling users' needs.
* Reviewing existing code, documenting its functionality and recommending changes based on best practices, design patterns that could be applied and proper application architecture.
*Authored all necessary documentation and diagrams.
* Studying the existing integration points and ETL processes for the many systems feeding into the enterprise database, documented all of it and recommended changes and best ways to either rewrite or implement new ETL/
ELT functionality taking into account the new Azure Cloud Environment.
* Architected and developed a purely dynamic Web-based application using advanced .NET Reflection, ASP.NET MVC 5, Entity Framework 6, AngularJS, jQuery and Bootstrap which took data uploaded from a mobile data collection tool, presented it for accuracy filtered by route and asset in any combination creating the tabular user interface on the fly l, exported the data in different formats that can be uploaded into the EXOR system and then deleted.

Laticrete InternationalMarch 2014 - January 2018

*Completely rewrote the MVP Rewards Program for contractors. This included redesigning an antiquated two-tier system into a fully realized modern architecture based on best practices, design patterns, Domain Driven Design
(DDD) and dependency injection. I modelled the entire system into an OOP object model. I focused on loose coupling and abstraction for flexibility, maintainability and extensibility.
*Verified the complex calculations that were taking place in TSQL code in the SQL Server database to calculate rewards points and point expiration schedules for the MVP Program, rewrote the user-defined functions and stored procedures that performed these calculations as LINQ code inside of the domain layer which made for much faster response times.
*Wrote a Windows Service to automate recurring tasks involved in the MVP
Rewards Program including annual points expiration, tier assignment and auto emailing of quarterly reports. This service, alone, saved hundreds of man hours annually.
*Architected and wrote a RESTful Web Service using ASP.NET Web API for a mobile app used to track materials, hours and location of concrete pouring projects.
*Utilized Sitecore MVC and Web Forms to develop and further customize a CMS-based Website on Sitecore 8 that encompassed a global Website overhaul for the entire Laticrete organization, including corporate and all regional sites.
*Wrote and maintained several ETL Windows Services that handled integration between custom-written applications, Sales Force CRM and Sitecore 8.
*Responsible for defining new projects, features in existing applications as well as bug fixes in an internal tracking system. This included providing my estimates for each one and writing the documentation for each project and feature and entering it into the system along with all necessary diagrams.
-Maintained an Intranet application that all of our sales reps worldwide use to order promotional and sales materials.

Into The BreachJuly 2016 - March 2017


DealogicJuly 2012 - February 2013

*Key architect on designing a solution for Morgan Stanley to upgrade to a newer version of our application without breaking their internal systems, which were integrated into the older version. This required database, information architecture and code changes
*Key architect on the optimization solution for JP Morgan. They have over 1.5 million investor contacts and the search was getting slow. Working with other resources in Dealogic I derived a solution that consisted of database, stored procedure and code modifications
*Planned, architected and developed a Proof of Concept for the next generation of the Event Manager application that would use the best and latest technologies as well as ideal architectural standards that would allow it to be used on any platform-desktop Web browser, tablet or smart phone
*Work with Functional Architects, business experts and clients to determine the requirements for application enhancements and upgrades
*Model the business domain of the application using Enterprise Architect and Domain Driven Design (DDD)
*Analyze business requirements in Team Foundation Server and determine time estimates to complete
*Derive and architect the optimal technical solution to fulfill a requirement that satisfies the client needs, development time available, current architecture of application and Dealogic's enterprise architecture guidelines including choice of technologies
*Discuss and make architecture decisions to be used across all applications of Dealogic with the Global Head of Architecture, Enterprise Architect and other
Technical Architects

*Work with Teach Leads and developers to decide how best to code a technical solution including use of specific technologies, what resource to use on each piece of development, time requirements, resource allocation
*Develop code using C# and all related Web technologies both server and client side, Visual Studio 2010 and Team Foundation Server 2010/2012

IQPCJanuary 2012 - June 2012

*Architected and developed a custom email application that is used throughout the entire enterprise and by two company's' CMS systems. It is a self- contained application based on Object-Oriented Design Principles, S.O.L.I.D.
Design Principles, as well as well-known Design Patterns both GoF and Fowlers Enterprise Patterns including DI and IoC to facilitate loose coupling between parts of the system thus maximizing the extensibility, flexibility and scalability of the application.
*Senior Developer on a fully custom CMS (Content Management System) that uses a pure Object-Oriented Architecture and Design. Tasks included extending base classes, inheriting new classes, defining new classes.
*Mentored other developers on software design patterns I was using and how to apply them. Also taught them aspects of LINQ, Entity Framework and MVC
*Interpreting user requirements into functional specifications and then architecting, designing and developing the appropriate solution within the context of the existing application being sure that the new code integrates successfully with the existing codebase.
*Used LINQ to Objects for object data selection and manipulation in email application.
*Implemented a User Interface for the email application which uses a combination of ASP.NET Web Forms, User Controls, ASP.NET Ajax including
UpdatePanel and partial updates. Used jQuery UI to facilitate drag and drop of elements on the web page.
*Redesigned and rewrote the autocomplete search on the Website to use
Ajax to retrieve XMX Data then caching it using JavaScript Objects and jQuery to present it. This increased the poorly performing search functionality exponentially.
*Wrote and optimized numerous TSQL Stored Procedures as well as SQL
Scripts for application functionality as well as data automation.

*Wrote testing instructions for functionality I developed or enhanced and documented all development work

Insydeout Web ProductionsJanuary 2010 - December 2011

*Web-based application architecture, database architecture and design and recommendation of best technology and methodology taking environment, time constraints, existing platforms/applications into consideration
*Determining best design practices for systems utilizing the various tools provided by the .NET 4.0 platform such as ASP.NET 4, MVC 3, Entity
Framework, LINQ, WCF, Web Services (ASMX), Web Forms, and the extensive base class library provided by the CLR
*Architecture and development of custom applications and parts of applications for several projects based on user requirements
*Designing of Databases including redesign using normal forms guidelines, using constraints and indexes to optimize database effectiveness, recoding of TSQL stored procedures and triggers and designing and coding the Entity
Objects the SQL Server DB communicates with
*Capturing, saving, manipulating and presenting data and determining the best methods and controls with which to do so utilizing ADO.NET, Entity Framework
4.2 and LINQ
*Doing builds of various components of system into assembly (DLL) and deployment onto development and production server
*Storage of and protection of application code including versioning handled through MS Visual Source Safe
*Systems analysis, problem diagnosis and application optimization
*Production level support for applications
*Educating and advisement of freelance developers on various technologies including ASP.NET 4, Web Forms, MVC 2, Entity Framework 4 and LINQ, Web Services, WCF, OOP (Object-Oriented Programming) and SOA (Service- Oriented Architecture)

Awaken SecretsJanuary 2008 - August 2009

Writing lyrics and melodies for songs. Collaborating on the songwriting with my guitarist. All lead vocal duties. Composing vocal harmonies and teaching the harmonies and vocal coaching the backup singers.

Burson-MarstellerMay 2008 - November 2008

*Application architecture, database architecture and design and recommendation of best technology and methodology taking environment, time constraints, existing platforms/applications into consideration
*Architecture and development of custom ASP.NET Web Forms, User Controls and Class Modules using .NET 2.0/. NET 3.5, C# and VB.NET
*Design, development and consumption of WCF Web Services to facilitate communication between the front-end and back-end using a Service Oriented
Architectural approach to the system
*Database modeling and design, authoring of stored procedures and triggers in Transact-SQL against a SQL Server 2005 Database.
*Monitoring, management and mentoring of team of developers
*Writing of vision/scope documents, application proposals, functional spec. documents, migration guides, developer guides, installation guides and user's guides.
*Communicating with testers to ensure highest quality product is issued to customer in a bug free state
*Build of code and system components and deployment and installation onto proper application and Web servers
*Gathering requirements from clients for applications and specifying necessary resources for the proposed project in terms of time, budget, development tools and platforms.
*Storage of and protection of application code including versioning handled through MS Visual Source Safe
*Setup and on-going maintenance of a Window Advanced Server 2003 running
Internet Information Server 6.0, SQL Server 2005 and Ektron CMS 400.NET
including setting up network and application security through setting up the Active Directory and the corresponding User Accounts and Security Groups.
*Setup and administration of Ektron CMS 400.NET including development of custom code to integrate with the CMS with the Ektron API and .NET.
*Integrating legacy ColdFusion code into Ektron and vice versa through a combined database and code solution I architected, designed and developed

DotgluDecember 2005 - July 2006

* Architecture and implementation of entire Old Navy Web Application including: Database, Object Model, Inheritance Tree, Web Services, Web
Forms and User Controls using proven Design Patterns and Principles
* Architecture and implementation of multithreaded client/server application with the server being a .NET Web Service that used .NET Thread Pooling
Technology and the client using Multithreaded Asynchronous Callbacks through .NET Delegates

Key Project: Old Navy's Search for the New Magic

Environment/Technologies: .NET Framework 1.1, .NET Base Class Library, GDI+, FTP via .NET Sockets, .NET Multithreading and Thread Pooling, .NET
Web Services, .NET Delegates, .NET User Controls, ASP.NET Web
Forms, ASP.NET Server Side Controls, Visual Studio.NET 2005, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, C#, JavaScript, SQL Server 2005, T-SQL (DDL and DML),
Windows Advanced Server 2003, IIS 6

Infinity Minus OneSeptember 2000 - December 2003

Writing lyrics, composing vocal melodies, composing vocal harmonies, recording all lead vocals, lead singer and frontman live

My stack




jQuery, AngularJS, WCF, Bootstrap, .NET, Kendo UI


RESTful Web Service, IIS

Analysis methods and tools


IT Infrastructure


Environment of Development



Automapper, DDD, IoC


LINQ, HTML, C# 7.0, VB.NET, XML, JavaScript, OOP, ASP.NET


Transact-SQL, ADO.NET

My education and trainings

Voice - Vocal Power2015 - 2018

Sitecore Certified Professional Developer, Sitecore 8 MVC and Web Forms - Sitecore Professional Classroom Training2016 - 2016

Certificate Planning and Architecting a Service-Oriented Architecture: From Business Needs to Implementation - Learning Tree2012 - 2012

Acting Performance - Matthew Corozine School of Acting2006 - 2009

Voice - Badiene Magaziner2001 - 2007

N/A, Software Engineering - Fairfield University2002 - 2004

Web Development Certificate, Web Development and Programming - Naugatuck Valley Community College2001 - 2002

Voice - Seth Riggs Vocal Studio2000 - 2002

Voice - Angelthorne Music1997 - 1999