Antoine V.

Back End Developer

830 dollar

My experience


Option WayMay 2019 - Present

- Product owner of Option Way's website & backoffice
- Dev/architecture of new booking engine
- Worked on migration to Docker Swarm

INSTANT System FranceNovember 2017 - May 2019

- Instant System is a start-up developing mobile apps for transport authorities. This includes a large part of backend handling to connect with operators of transportation and itinerary computation.
As a member of backend team, my main responsabilities are:
- Participation in design of backend architecture
- Development of APIs for Mobile Apps.
- Development of connectors to external content providers (Public Transport Operators, Car pooling providers... )
- Quality assurance with development of automated testing (Unit testing, Rest assured, Sonar)
- Release to production and environment configuration on Google Cloud Engine (Kubernetes, Traefik, Jenkins...) 


Self-employedAugust 2017 - November 2017

 The goal was to develop an application that could communicate with multiples platform of the cryptocurrencies world and was able to make decision to trade or to mine different cryptocurrencies based on multiples parameters. It implied:

- Development of connectors to communicate with main platforms (Nicehash, poloniex, coinwarz, mining pools... )
- Advanced Understanding of blockchain principles and specific behaviors (Proof of work/stake, difficulty, block time, pool rewards schemes...) and some statistics.
- Logging and analysis of large amount of data using InfluxDB, Grafana.
- The application was developped in Python


AmadeusDecember 2015 - June 2017

Amadeus is delivering IT solutions to travel industry. As a member of the Shopping department, I work on platforms that deliver air content to famous Online travel agencies and meta-search engines.
Instant search project.
The goal is to deliver new cache systems that allow to respond to customer requests within one second.
Project involves most cutting-edge softwares, in particular Mongo DB as cache storage engine.
My role is, as a member of a scrum team, to manage the technical stacks of the platform so other teams can focus on functional aspects.

It includes:
- Study of technical solutions to handle the migration from legacy platform to new ones
- Handle the growing traffic and forecast the upcoming bottlenecks
- Development of Tooling and Monitoring capabilities
- In parallel, I work on a prototype to demo the capabilities of our product (front-end development). 


AmadeusSeptember 2012 - November 2015

Amadeus is delivering IT solutions to travel industry. Being in the distribution department, i work on e-commerce platforms that sell travel-related services (Flights, Hotel, Train... ). Our customers are travel agencies and big companies for their corporate travel needs.

Jan 2014-November 2015

- Development of an end-to-end solution for corporate travelers as member of a SCRUM team.
- Development of new services for a web-based solution covering every aspect of corporate travel.
- Integration of expense service from SAP.
- Technical design to have a Service-oriented architecture on our platform that cover the constraints of variety of products & devices (mobile/tablets, plug-ins, stand-alone web-app) 
- Animation of a taskforce to design functional feature of the mobile application.

Sept 2012-Dec 2013

Integration of external contents.
- Design and develop new features requested from marketing teams within a module specialized on integration of content from external providers (Low-cost companies through third party aggregators, Taxi company... ).
- Level 3 support: Configuration and bug fix coming from QA and production environment

Parallel tasks & achievements

- Winner of the public-choice award at Travel Crunch (Internal Hackaton) - Feb 2015 - Patent in progress
- Winner of the "Business Value" award at Creative Challenge (Internal Hackaton) - June 2015 
- Development of tools to increase productivity.
- Tech watch and awareness sessions to spread technical/business trends around travel industry (Growing start-ups, new products, new technologies - IoT, Big data... )
- Prototyping for feasibility and patentability studies


Abyss IT SASJanuary 2011 - September 2012

- Abyss IT is specialized in email targeting for small businesses, helping them to find new customers.
- My role as responsible of technical part was to automatize as much as possible the process to enable the commercial part to focus one the part where they are the most valuable.
- This implied development of a back-end to keep tracks of emailing campaigns, follow the number of leads they generate, manage email database (MySQL) and email servers (postfix) and the underlying operating system (Linux).
- As co-founder, I participated to the strategic decisions aiming at making the company grow.


QualeaJune 2009 - September 2010

- I've been part of Qualea for 14 months. First as an intern, then as a part-time job in parallel with my studies.
- Internships first focused on the setting and deployment of a TOIP infrastructure (Asterisk) for a small business (10 lines).

- Then, as internship was not over, I started working on tools to help DBA in their jobs. DB optimization was the main activity of the company, which is mainly providing consulting on Oracle DBMS optimization. As it was promising I carried it on as a part-time job. The tooling was split in 2 software:
- Smart eavesdropper
- Reverse engineering and data analysis to understand network protocol format (Integer encoding, flags meaning... ) It lead to an almost complete understanding of the protocol.
- Main goal was to follow network activity to optimize database configuration but it went as far as enabling network injection taking over the TCP connection, revealing security issues.
- Queries decoder
- Semantic analysis of SQL request for automated optimization:
- From cardinalities, most common column requested... It makes it possible to determine which index should be created on a table.

My stack


Spring, AJAX, Django, REST

Environment of Development



MongoDB, MySQL

Analysis methods and tools


IT Infrastructure

Git, Linux, Docker Swarm


Groovy, Python 3.5, JAVA 8, Java, C++, SQL, PHP, Python




React.js, Odata, REST API, Spring Boot

My education and trainings

Diplôme d'ingénieur, Département Télécommunications, Services et Usages - INSA Lyon - Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Lyon2006 - 2012

Informatique, réseaux, télécommunications - Teknillinen korkeakoulu-Tekniska högskolan2009 - 2010