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BSS-ONEOctober 2017 - Present

BSS-ONE is a Romanian Company specialized in the following areas: web design, web apps, mobile apps (developing native applications for mobile devices running iOS (iPhone, iPad or iPod touch) and Android.), SAP business one, call center/VOIP, VTiger CRM.
Our people have experience in providing high quality software developing services and mobile applications for different markets: Italy, Switzerland, Russia, Ireland, USA.

I manage multiple projects and clients, because
basically my job is a mix between BA and PM.
I go through all the steps needed to release a software
- Engage stakeholders to gather, document and analyse
requirements in order to establish the project backlog
- Establish project budget and get client confirmation
- Prioritisation and organisation of functionalities into
- Break down requirements into user stories and create
acceptance scenarios for them
- Drawing interfaces and workflows for both
stakeholders and development team
- Manage development teams through all projects
phases using scrum tools: start sprint meetings, daily
meetings, sprint review meeting in order to help them
understand what to build
- Manage test teams
- Continuous updates for stakeholders about project
situation, risks, solutions, improvements
- ation of each sprint release to stakeholders
- Follow up incidents where necessary

Concord Service CenterNovember 2016 - September 2017

Concord Service Center is one of the most important IT repair, refurbish and testing companies in Europe. By repairing components, re-engineering products, disassemble, reuse, test, clean and package, we extend the life of any IT product.
My role within the Organization is to coordinate the work of five departments: General
Repairs, Smartphone, Testing, Hard Disks and Batteries. Each department has a specific activity and a different number of technicians being coordinated by one head of department.
- General Repairs (9 electronist people + department head) - is the department where we repair and reconditioning laptops, tablets, all-in-one, monitors, we do reballing, software development of certain phones.
- Smartphone (8 electronist people + 1 CTC + department head) - is the department where we refurbish most of Apple smartphones. Here we also execute iPhone displays (5, 5S, 5C,, 6+) in Clear Room in order to replace it for the refurbished products.
- Testing (5 testers + department head) - is the department where we do the functional and non-functional testing (grading) of IT equipment reconditioned by
General Repairs and Smartphone departments. The testing is performed, according to certain well-defined standards and procedures.
- Hard Drives (14 testers and specialists + 1 CTC + 4 packers + department head) -
is the department that tests and repairs hard disk drives of all sizes and all the interfaces . The following operations are performed on the hard drives: testing, debugging, repairing, , Full Test, Cleaning, Packaging.
- Batteries (3 technicians + department head) - is the only department that manufactures new products, laptops batteries and power-banks, under the brand of Full of Energy.
I am responsible for planning and supervising the activities of the departments described above, standardizing production flows, animating teams in order to achieve the required target and last but not least, communicating and understanding the needs of our clients.

SC LEROY MERLIN Romania SRLApril 2015 - November 2016

Commercial Head (Sales) @ SC LEROY MERLIN Romania SRL,
Commercial Head (Sales) @ SC LEROY MERLIN Romania SRL,
I worked at SC LEROY MERLIN Romania SRL, having the position of Head of Commercial Department. I managed the Sandstone, Tiles, Electric, Soil Coverage and Warehouse departments (parquet and carpets), with 4 teams, each one having a leader and sales counselors subordinate.
My mission within the company was primarily to sell to customers the products most suited to their needs. I was responsible for evolving, recruiting, forming and helping team members evolve into the company, thus ensuring the development of the Leroy
Merlin Company.
As a member of the store management committee, I was involved in building and delivering company policies and strategies by making timely decisions.
I helped increasing sales, being responsible for the result and profits of the departments I lead. Practice your business strategy by following the company's rules, projects and priorities. I organize, coordinate and administer subordinate departments, controlling that procedures are applied correctly and performance optimized.
Through my daily activity I was an example of the teams I lead.

BAUMAX ROMANIA SRLSeptember 2009 - March 2015

bauMax is a family company established over 30 years ago in Austria operating internationally.
Is the market leader in Central and Southeastern Europe. In addition to Austria these countries are Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey. In
Currently bauMax has 144 shops.
Turnover for 2008 was billion.
In totalemployees are bauMax.
- Organization of department activities;
- Ensure optimal storage requirements and their products as bauMax policy;
- The formation, organization and management of subordinate staff (25 employees);
- I am responsible for sales, productivity, costs;
- Coordination of product mix in the segment allocation;
- Implementation of trade policy in the bauMax my work;
- Ensure a fast and friendly service all clients;
- Correct and efficient supply store shelves;
- Making proper inventories and obtaining the planned results;
- Proper storage and handling of cargo;
- Information on services and products customers bauMax;
- Maintenance and proper use of inventory assets.
- Develop and implement sales strategy to improve growth turnover;
- Achieving sales target set;
- Maintain direct contact with clients and suppliers.
Achievements: Manage a team of 25 employees (Head district, deputy district chief, commercial workers, logisticians, sales advisors) I manage to reach around
50% of total monthly sales of bauMax Iasi store.
Each month, for a week I am in the place of the General Manager, taking all the decisions and take care of internal and store the entire organization.

- Work Vehicle
- Medical insurance in case of accident.
- Food tickets
- Telephone.

BERNINI ELECTRONICS SRLOctober 2006 - October 2007

Important producer of equipment for control generators (battery chargers, motor protection modules, control modules and systems of monitoring for generators).
Responsibilities, Achievements:
My tasks are grouped into two categories: external task I maintaining relationships with our suppliers (China, Italy, Switzerland, Spain), negotiation price and purchase all necessary materials finalize product
Our. This implies a good coordination and synchronization of the flow technology, delivery terms and transportation. Internally my task coordinating a team of 14 people consisting of electronic engineers, IT and testers. This involves planning and monthly activity its fulfillment tracking, correcting and resolving problems and team in order to achieve harmonization of production tasks.
Other responsibilities:
- Ensure the necessary number of employees for optimization of production;
- Inventory control and monthly inventory of all components (maintenance stock in balance);
- Study the market: competitors, comparative study of price promotions, etc.
Recommendations: Bernini mentor - General Manager SC Bernini Electronics
Benefits: Food tickets, car

XL WorldJuly 2003 - September 2005

Romanian-Italian multinational company, which deals with production software and telemarketing services, with a total of over 200 employees.
Responsibilities, Achievements:
- Promoting and marketing of various products or services of third parties
Italian companies via phone and Internet
- Promote products and services for companies: Telecom Italia, Fastweb, Wind Info-Strada, etc..
- Updating and managing databases.
- Customer care
- We made over 100 companies and thousands of contacts with Italian companies
- We signed over 500 agreements between large companies (Telecom Italia, Tin, Wind) and different societies;
- We have over 100 products sold directly to various companies in Italy.
References, Other observations

ORANGE ROMANIA SAJune 1997 - August 1997

International telecommunications company.
Responsibilities, Achievements
Responsible for checking the quality of calls between fixed and mobile networks, from Bucharest and Bacau.

My stack

White-box testing, TestLink, Test Cases, Team management, System testing, Static testing, SQL, Software Development, SDLC, SAP Business One, Sales, Requirements Analysis, Regression testing, Project Management, MySQL, Manual testing, Mantis, Kanban, JavaScript, Integration testing, HTML, Functional testing, Exploratory testing, Debugging, Customer Care, CSS, Business Analysis, Black-box testing, Android, Acceptance testing