Cristina B.


548 dollar
10 years
Bucharest, ROMANIA

My experience


WhyttestFebruary 2017 - Present

Whyttest is a small, young company, with a friendly culture, located in Bucharest, Romania. Here, I found the perfect mix between the professionalism of an international company and the freedom of a local company. Not to mention the blend between ``young blood'' and veterans of the industry.
Being a business developer at Whyttest means that I get to put my ideas to the test and challenge myself to reach new levels of creativity and people skills.
With tasks such as:
- improving the image of the company internally as well as externally: website content and design, managing the social media accounts,
- re-creating the sales package document
- participating at important game development industry and IT events with booths and speakers from the company,
- organizing events for the industry as well as for the Whyttest teams
- identify the best media partners to work with in order to achieve the
company's communication goals,
- creating and improving the materials used for marketing purposes
- in collaboration with the HR department I take care of the internal communication processes,
- research - new clients, new markets, new client needs - for Romania as well as other countries,
- developing new plans of action regarding potential new clients
I get to put my ideas to the test, as well as improve my ``people skills''.

Romanian Game Developers AssociationMay 2015 - February 2017

Romanian Game Developers Association
Romanian Game Developers Association is the only association of its kind in Romania. As a Project Manager at RGDA, I was part of a very small but dedicated team that concentrated on promoting the game development industry in our country, by any means we had at our disposal.
My tasks were various:
- organizing and maintaining files and records
- planning and scheduling meetings and appointments
- managing projects and conducting research
- preparing and editing correspondence, reports, and ations
- making travel and guest arrangements
- managing the RGDA website, posting events
- news and other sections, making sure the website has new content weekly
- maintaining the relationship and the exchange of information between the Board of Directors and the President of the association.
- contacting potential new members and delivering a ation about the benefits of being a member.
One of the most rewarding activities was organizing monthly meetups in Bucharest and promoting RGDA through speakers at different conferences and important industry events.

MicrosoftJuly 2014 - April 2015

The main focus of this position was to mentain and develop the relationship between Microsoft Romania and the Romanian companies that owned more than 250 PC`s, by offering Microsoft licensing solutions to some of the most complex scenarios, but also by solving many different problems that they encountered. All this needed a constant and efficient exchange of information with other Microsoft departments, both from Romania and other countries.

Another objective was to attend as many meetings as I could with the IT
Managers or IT Directors of these companies, in order to consolidate the relationship and identify new sales opportunities.
Other than the portfolio of companies that I had to manage, I also had to mentain a very close relationship with Microsoft Partners, and with Microsoft

Dakina GamesJune 2013 - January 2015

Fondator si Game Developer pentru Dakina Games, echipa care in prezent promoveaza jocul Game of Thrones Trivia FREE, ce poate fi gasit si pe
Google Play, ca aplicatie pentru o gama larga de dispozitive ce folosesc sistemul Android.

Software Asset ManagementJune 2013 - July 2014

Software Asset Management Engagement Manager
As a SAM Engagement Manager, my main tasks were:
Get in touch with a large number of SMB companies that owned less than
250 PC`s and determine the IT administrators to perform the Software
Asset Management by themselves, if the company owned just a couple of computers, but using Microsoft tools, or determine the bigger companies to accept the assistance of a Microsoft SAM certified partner who could do this without much effort from the company.

The next stept was to offer the company every licensing advice they needed, especially if the inventory resulted after the SAM process reveiled that it wasn`t
correctly licensed with Microsoft software, and finding the right type of contract in which the company would buy the necessary licenses.

CGS (Computer Generated Solutions)October 2011 - April 2012

This position required very high communicational skills because I was using all my time as a call-center agent. I was calling Vodafone Romania customers that were in their last 3 months of contract, in order to determine them to renew their services contract for at least another year. The job was demanding because I had to talk almost non-stop with as many customers I could and convice them, solve their problems, listen to their complaints about the company and make sure that when they stopped the conversation, they were more please with Vodafone than when I first initiated the call with them.
This job required a lot of patience, calm, the ability to carefully choose my words, make the other person feel like I was at least trying to understand what he felt and that I was doing everything in my power to help.
At the same time, I also had a target to achieve, of 30 new contracts a day.


My stack

Social Media, Project Management, Interpersonal skills, Human Resources, Game development, Business Development, Android