Georgiana C.


183 euro
Bucharest, ROMANIA

My experience


Google Network & Facebook NetworkApril 2018 - April 2018

* Build trusted relationships with the partners of the agency, both domestic and aboard

* Develop analytical frameworks, tools and techniques to plan and communicate short and longer-term resource needs using Trello.

* Coordinate another team member into implementation of those strategies

* Reported the metrics and findings to the Head of Performance and helped assist in setting the cornerstones of optimization strategy and creative strategy

* Optimize performance of in-house agency products (Glize), but also those of external clients (, Nutra offers & beauty offers, Insurance offers)

* Reduced cost of acquiring advertising space through exploring new segmentations methods (audience, topics, interest, keywords, settings)

* Delivered high quality results for the Glize Performance Network, with a decrease of CPA of 49%

* Delivered high quality results for by achieving the 300 leads/month target

Feb 2017 Bucharest,Romania
Sept. 2017 Performance Manager

* Act as the point of contact for clients for digital management matters

* Conduct research and analyses to deliver the right strategy for the clients and in-house (Footprints project)

* Set the overall digital ecosystem to increase the number of users the companies brought on their websites

* Set digital strategies for my assigned customers (automotive and FMCG) together with our in-house project, considering the specific needs and requirements of each project in particular

* Specialised in Google AdWords (both search and display) and Facebook Ads to generate leads for my clients

* Advanced capabilities with LinkedIn Ads Platform that I have used for our in-house project, Footprints

* Analyse digital campaigns success with a success rate of nearly 10% on the agency's automotive client

* Optimize programs, campaigns, and landing pages, based on the real-time performance and ROI

* Optimize web content to increase traffic and improve SEO

* Report on web performance metrics

* Manage digital projects inclusive of online planning and insight

* Manage the whole spectrum of functionalities and requirements for improving my clients' websites through extensive use of Jira

* Acted as a point of QA for the digital projects that I have managed ensuring the quality of our services are the highest possible.

Feb 2016 Adaptivebee Bucharest,Romania/Paris,France
Feb2017 SEM Specialist

* Structured the account by auditing the existing campaigns on both Google Adwords Search and Google Adwords Display

* Responsible for managing the buying and day-to-day optimizations of all Adwords accounts to meet KPI goals for our product (

* Followed financial performance on a daily basis

* Optimised CPC/CPA campaigns with the necessary bid modifiers

* Work proactively with data to understand consumer behaviour and motivation and drive more leads (installs) for UR-Browser (BJ Fogg's Behavioural Model for Design)

* Split tested various ad texts and analysed results

* Split tested various designs for banners in Google Display Network and Facebook Ads

* Assisted in the curation of various LP ideas and split tested after implementation

* Created detailed reports and ation on competition practices and positioning

* Introduced the company to the idea of buyer persona

Feb 2015 SIEN Solutions Group Bucharest, Romania/ Paris,France
Feb 2016 Account Manager/Media Buyer Bundling - Display - Affiliation

* Contacted ad-networks and negotiated deals for setting up a campaign

* Set up the campaign together with the project manager

* Calculate CPI for each campaign and took decisions if to optimize, grow or close the campaign

* Calculate target CPI, CPM, checked unique views and unique installs in order to optimize the campaign

* Verify our own products after the installation

* Verify reports for better understanding of products trends and KPIs

* Organise and prioritized materials and ideas for A/B testing

* Calculate precise budgets for the acquisition process

* Work with various affiliate platforms: Hasoffer, Commision Junction, Plymedia

My stack

Strategic Planning, SMO, SEO, Market research, Jira, Google Analytics, Google AdWords, DSP, Digital Media, Digital Marketing, Content marketing, Analytics