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University of Reims Champagne-ArdenneSeptember 2015 - Present

Teaching, Research, and Consulting.


university of tor vergata, roma IIJanuary 2004 - Present

Research on Source Separation for Secondary Surveillance Radar  (1 report).

Supervised Master student.

Taught Signal Processing for biomedical engineer.

SchlumbergerJanuary 2013 - December 2014

I have developed processing algorithms for surface microseismic monitoring (use of matlab/mex/C/parallel C). Several IP in the line. And I have processed a few frackjob.

SEG 2014: The paper presents how dramatic noise reduction can be obtained while using a patch design for acquisition of microseismic events to remove first coherent noise, then incoherent noise. Claims are backed with evidences from real data.

Courses followed:
March 2014: Seismic Imaging of Subsurface Geology, by Walter Lynn, one-week class
July 2013: PTS "MicroSeismic Processing and Interpretation using Mizen/Petrel", by Les Benett, one-week class.
Mar 2013: "Concepts and Applications of 3D Seismic Imaging", by Prof. Biondi biondo, WG, Houston, 2 day class.
Feb 2013: "Fundamentals of Omega", By Mike Walsh, WG, Houston, one-week class.

December 2013: "Microseismic Monitoring Fundamentals", one-day class by Joel Le Calvez, Ph.D. / Paolo Primiero, Ph.D.
November 2013: IPIMS, "Microseismic Studies of Reservoirs".

Books read:
"A petroleum geologist's guide to seismic reflection" by W. A. Ashcroft
"Seismic Interpretation:The Physical Aspects" by Nigel Anstey

Spouse-employedMay 2011 - December 2012

Learned numerous skills that are very valuable for the working place :
 - great sensitivity to the needs of the customer
 - ability to multitask
 - how to fit in a mostly feminine team
 - ability to research and listen to the voice of experience, while keeping own judgement
 - design a very personalized pedagogical program
 - ability to go hands-on

Hostgator.comMarch 2011 - April 2011

Administrator linux: solve a large range of problem, from DNS, mysql, server maintenance, mx reccord, cpanel problem, ...

Texas Southern UniversityFebruary 2011 - March 2011

+ Teach Physics to junior/sophomore

+ Finish article from previous positions.

University of HawaiiSeptember 2008 - November 2010

The goal was to 1) develop, customize and apply new MRI methodologies. 2) Prepare reports and articles of the findings.

I worked there on 3 projects:
1) Separation of Glutamine from Glutamate with a multi-echo Magnetique spectroscopic data. (proved to be impossible)
2) Optimization of Water measurement sequence by use of Cramer-Rao Bounds (paper under review, MRM)
3) Evaluation of motion originated noise and way to compensate it by the use of Cramer-Rao Bounds (In the finishing process)

University of Hawaii at ManoaSeptember 2006 - February 2008

I developed array signal processing algorithms to detect, monitor, separate heartbeat and respiration signal though a Doppler radar (1 book chapter, 6 conf.).

I supervised student to develop the completing software to detect the cardiopulmonary statistic with this Doppler radar.

I also continued research on SSR ( 2 journals in IJMWT, 10 conf.)

kai sensorsDecember 2007 - January 2008

Consulting on the Heartbeat Doppler radar.

University of Reims Champagne-ArdenneJanuary 2005 - August 2006

Research on:
 + Peaks detection and estimation for CO2 spectra (1 conf.).
 + Source Separation with Positivity Constrains (1 conf.).
 + Source Separation for Secondary Surveillance Radar  (2 journals: IEEE on SP, and SP; 1 conf.).

Taught 180 hours-eq. to undergraduate and graduate, including: Signal processing, Telecoms, RADAR, beamforming, source separation, GUI/C++.

Telecom Saint-Etienne, formerly ISTASEJanuary 2003 - January 2004

Taught 180 hours-eq. to undergraduate and graduate, including:
Digital Signal Processing, Statistic, Queuing theory, Server lab, GUI/C++ lab.

Performed research on:
 + Particle image velocimetry (1 report).
 + Source Separation for Secondary Surveillance Radar  (1 Journal: IEEE IT, 2 conf.).

college paul langevinSeptember 2001 - August 2002

Teaching Physics and Chemistry in a junior high school.

Delft University of TechnologyJanuary 1997 - January 2002


Marine NationaleSeptember 1994 - August 1995

Software engineering in a operational research unit.

My stack

Business Intelligence

Mathematica, Statistica


French, C language, Teaching


Programmer Analyst/Software Engineer Certification


Image Processing


Algorithms, Data processing, Data Science, MPI, OpenMP, Research, Numerical analysis


Digital Signal Processing

Embedded and Telecom


Analysis methods and tools

Parallel Programming

Software testing



C/C++, LaTeX, Matlab, Python, HTML

IT Infrastructure

Unix, Linux

Computer Tools

MS Office


Software Development, cPanel

My education and trainings

Ph.D. - Delft University of Technology1997 - 2001

Agregation - Université Joseph Fourier (Grenoble I)1996 - 1997

master - Ecole normale supérieure de Lyon1992 - 1996

internship - University of Virginia1996 - 1996

DEA - Ecole nationale supérieure de l'Electronique et de ses Applications1995 - 1996

classes preparatoires - Lycee thiers1989 - 1992