Sami T.


732 dollar
6 years

My experience


Air FranceApril 2018 - April 2019

Design and develop Rest and Soap service for travel industry applications
Design, implement and enhance data models for Oracle DB
Test and validate developments
Agile, Continuous Integration, Version Controle
Applications monitoring and bug fixes
Scrum, Kanban, Jira, Confluence, Git, Bitbucket, Sonar, Kibana, Eclipse, JAVA EE, Soap, Rest, Tomcat, struts, SoapUI, JUnit, Oracle, SQL...

Amadeus IT GroupSeptember 2016 - March 2018

Cloud/Docker/Kubernetes/OpenShift packaging and deployment of existing software.
Designed and developed rest services on top of the open-source rule engine RedHat Drools.
Set up Authentication and authorization for rest services.
Designed and developed customer requirement in Agile mode.
Developed key/value search services on top of a relational Oracle database.
Tested, Benchmarked and improved performances of existing services.

Worldline GlobalMarch 2014 - August 2016

JEE Software Engineer
Sep 2014 – Aug 2016

Designed and developed software
Integrated and tested software
Wrote specification and documentation
Managed services

JAVA JEE Internship
Mar 2014 – Aug 2014

Developed a MongoDB Back-end for a Rights Management Framework.
Developed a Javacard Shiro (Authentication and authorization) Realm.
Developed an x509 authentication protocol with Apache Shiro.

EGSA ConstantineApril 2012 - August 2012

Managed developers team.
Designed and developed inventory management software.
Designed and developed flight scheduler and remote display software.
Improved an invoicing software.

Université Mentouri de ConstantineMarch 2009 - July 2009

Implemented a model for the emergence of organizational structures in multi- agent systems by Genetic Algorithms.

EGSA ConstantineMarch 2007 - May 2007

Designed and developed a website.
Designed and developed a mailing and file transfer web application.

My stack

XML, Web Services, Web development, UML, Tomcat, Testing, Struts, SQL, Sonar, Software Development, SoapUI, SOAP, Security, Scrum, REST, Python, Project Management, Oracle, OpenSSL, Networking, MySQL, MongoDB, Linux Red Hat, Linux, Kubernetes, Kibana, Kanban, JUnit, JMeter, Jira, Jenkins, JBoss, Java EE, Java, IT Security, HTML, Hibernate, Git, Eclipse IDE, Eclipse, Drools, Docker, Design, Debugging, Cryptography, Continuous Integration, Confluence, C, Bitbucket, Bash, Apache Maven, Agile Methodology, Agile