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Daimler BenzJanuary 2008 - Present

Raised $15M from European Program Initiative Benz AEG-Telefunken and DASA. TEMIC has
Successfully execute the first Spinoff in the history of developed and produced microelectronic components PRESIDENT: 2008 - NOW . European Tech Tour
Daimler Benz for the automotive, space and other markets led by Semiconductors Summit.
Creation of a BU of 15 people) the Daimler-Benz Group.

Product Launched: From concept to the market, T.sqware has been acquired by Globespan PROFESSOR: 1985 - 1987. Computer
Communication Processor T.sqware is a spin-off of Temic Semi Architecture Professor, ISSAT @ Damascus/
Syria. ISSAT is the Institut Supérieur des

CSOJanuary 2017 - January 2018

operations ) (after the merger / 2017 - 2018 ) CSO: Mojix - Mojix is a leading connected business Verbal and written communication
200 employees solutions company that provides wide-area RFID Leadership
$20M turnover, 35% revenues growth solutions, IoT software platforms; cloud and mobile Creativity
Product Launched: Retail Solution Suites development services for IoT and big data Time Management

CXignitedJanuary 2016 - January 2018

operations (after the Textile BU sales / : CXignited - Through its progressive ShopCX
$13M turnover, 60% revenues growth Cloud Platform, CXignited drives product
Product Launched: Digital Signature, Digital platform) digitalization, localization, personalization and Languages

Rewarded Innovation (CNFRID-2015) with leading RLPS solution authentication across the Omni-channel. A game- French
Breakeven reached in 2018 changing technology leading the luxury retailing English - Lived in US (New York, Silicon Valley)
Customers: Louis Vuitton, Cdior, Farfetch, Chanel, .. industry and global retailing.
Engaged with the largest luxury groups (LVMH, KERING, RICHEMONT)

TAGSYS RFIDJanuary 2009 - January 2016

CEO: TAGSYS RFID - TAGSYS designs inventory Education
120 employees, $26M turnover management systems that optimize the entire supply
40% profitability increase, 100% profit value increase per employee chain, allowing companies to better control their PHD in computer science from Ecole Nationale
60% EBITDA value increase (09-10), 65% cash burn reduced (09-10) pricing strategies, increase sales and improve Supérieure des Télécommunications (ENST)
Breakeven reached in 2011 customer satisfaction. For 15 years, TAGSYS had a 1987.
Creation of two BUs (Textile, Luxury) on $3B market recognized expertise in the deployment of RFID
Product Launched: Item-level information system systems in constraining environments. Graduated Engineer in information technology
Growth engines restarted (Textile - 24%), (Luxury - 40%) from Ecole Nationale Sup. De l'Elec. et de ses
Customers: Rolex, Breitling, Tissot, Faconnable, Elis, Berensen, .. CXignited merged with MOJIX App. (ENSEA) 1984.
$32m Grant R&D Program, $24M funds raised, $60M contracts value (5Y) TAGSYS RFID Textile BU sold to Invengo and was

Successfully execute the spinoff of Textile division to Invengo (China) renamed CXignited focusing on Luxury industry Graduated in M&A and LBO from (ITE) Institut

Ecole NationaleJanuary 2003 - January 2008

Co-founder/CEO: Arteris - Arteris developed the Engineer in mechanics from
Company Founded, $30M funds raised first available IP on-chip network called NoC d'Ingénieur de Belfort (ENIB) 1982.

20 employees, $11M turnover Solution. The new products used packetization

Product Launched: From concept to the market, Network-On-Chip and an articulated network of small,

Customers: Qualcomm, ARM, Texas Instruments, Broadcom... interconnected elements to solve congestion,
time, energy and performance issues.
Company sold to Qualcomm for $250M Board Director

business schoolJanuary 2003 - January 2008

Co-founder, CEO, CTO de la Transmission d'Entreprise (ESSEC

Semiconductors TemicJanuary 1991 - January 1997

Worldwide Operations ( 1991 - 1997 ) Semiconductors Temic is a subsidiary of Daimler- Other Responsibilities
Raised $15M from European Program Initiative Benz AEG-Telefunken and DASA. TEMIC has

France OperationsJanuary 1983 - January 1991

: GIPSI - GIPSI was created from the Architecture to graduated students.
) public interest group initiated between INRIA, CNET and
Raised $15M from European Program Initiative Bull in order to develop the SM90 platform, one of the first
Product Launched: From concept to the market, UNIX based workstations on the American research

Multiprocessor UNIX standard. GIPSI was the first manufacturer of X color Interests

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Leveraged Buyout, ENST, Broadband, DSLAM, Architecture Professor, Software as a Service, IP, Professor, Chief Operations Officer, Chief Architect, Computing Chief System Architect, Alcatel, Critical Thinking, Professor teaching computing, Engineer in mechanics, Board Director, Information Technology, Ingénieur de Belfort, GLOBAL-TECH-BUSINESS-DEVELOPER, Internet Access, Organizational Effectiveness, Président, Chief Executive Officer, Asset Allocation, CAD/CAM > CAD, R&D, Co-Founder, Global Markets, ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode), Mergers & Acquisitions, Doctoral Degree > Doctor of Philosophy > Doctor of Philosophy Computer Science, Platform as a Service, Internet of Things


Embedded Systems

Big Data

Big Data


Marketing Strategy, Business Strategy, Negotiation, Project Management, Digital Strategy, Corporate Finance, Time Management, Management, IoT, Business Development, Artificial Intelligence

Environment of Development

Business Development Intelligence Studio

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Embedded and Telecom

ARM, SOC (system on chip)


Web 2.0

IT Infrastructure


My education and trainings

PHD, computer science - Ecole Nationale

High-Fidelity Music, Photography, Art - MIT