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My experience

SOTECANovember 2014 - Present


Loïc AdrienOctober 2011 - Present

Web site programming maintenance and visual communication design for

Studio GraphiqueOctober 2008 - Present

babatunde banjoko is a Paris based
visual communication studio, which provides CGI and photographic retouch
solutions, editorial graphics and technical assistance in design
production, creative campaigns of high standards, web animation services
in partnership with global agencies and media houses.

Casa de Criação Cinema e ArtesNovember 2018 - January 2019

Commissioned to make the art for the film poster "My Friend Fela", Portuguese translation "Meu Amigo Fela".

Nigerian Networking FranceAugust 2013 - December 2018

Visual design, advertising design, and stationery design.
The design of the logo, the visual identity and the corporate stationery.

KamiyadNovember 2016 - August 2018

Kiala and AfroBlaster.
Kiala Nzavotunga promotional CD record Packaging design.
2 Panel packaging and all promotional items.

Published by: Kamiyad France.
Music: AfroBeat.
Designed by: Babatunde Banjoko.
Printed by: Claude Arpel.
Year: December 2016.
Country: France.

Market OrchestraMarch 2011 - February 2018


Tropik 77April 2014 - February 2018

Festival campaign visual designs : complete print and multi platform adapted Spring
and summer music festival campaigns.

Market OrchestraAugust 2011 - February 2018

Magazine editorial layouts

Mami WattaDecember 2013 - January 2017

Visual design and advertising

Concert ticket and web Advert designs.

Voluntary works to help the organization.

No Click RecordApril 2014 - December 2016

Kween Tula "Je Ne Crains Rien"
CD Record Packaging
4 Panel Digipak, and all CD promotional items.

Azeg BC " Time for six eight"
CD Record Packaging
4 Panel Digipak, and all CD promotional items.

Les Dames de CoeurJanuary 2015 - December 2015

For the cultural event 1st to 4th of
April 2015 at the local government council of the 17th district of
Paris, we were in charge of the brochure graphic layout, photo
compositing, event poster and the invitation card designs.

Dorothie NailsMarch 2011 - April 2011

Worked on the new product catalogue-brochure design.

Ebla EditionsSeptember 2010 - April 2011

Company owned by French based Haitian stylist, Marie Marthe Laguerre

Desktop Artist
Desk top graphic artist in a small size French Publishing house.

Next Formation

Chansse EvannsAugust 2007 - September 2007

Chansse Evanns

Outdoor Photography session leads to "Chansse Evanns Spiritual nine" Jazz
album cover.

Richard and Hedy KubiczJanuary 1995 - January 1995

Home kitchen Interior design : walls and cabinet decorations.

Alain Ayache DeveloppementDecember 1993 - January 1994

Illustrations in the 26th edition of "Réponse à Tout" a French weekly magazine

owned by Alain Ayache, magazine Art Director Richard Kubicz .

Euro Disneyland FranceNovember 1993 - January 1994

Employed Painter and set designer

Worked as a painter on sets for television and Euro Disneyland France for the
contracted company NGC "Jour de fête".

Karnak House PublishersJanuary 1987 - May 1991

Charles S Finch's book cover, "The African Background to Medical Science".

Dr. Jan Knappert's book cover, " The A-Z of African Proverbs".

Hilary Beckles's book cover design, "Afro-Caribbean Women and Resistance to Slavery in Barbados.

Livie Mqotsi's book cover "House of Bondage".

Lina Magia's book cover and inner illustrations, "Dumba Nengue Run for Your Life".

Prof. Gerhard Kraus's book cover illustration, "Human Development From an African Ancestry".

Paul Marlee's book cover "Guinea-Pig".

Sadallah's book cover and inner illustrations "The Cunning Prince and The Wise Fox".

Tee-shirtJanuary 1980 - September 1990

Tee-shirt production company.

tee-shirts for several reggae bands such as "The Mighty Diamonds, Sugar
Barrington Minott aka Sugar Minott, Bob Nesta Marley, Peter Mackintosh
aka Peter Tosh, Dennis Emmanuel Brown,..." during their French Tours.
All designs collections created and financed by me with the exceptions
of "Lion of Judah" which was partly financed by Mr. Ras Kodjo Eboukore
CEO of "Le Petite Jamaïque" France. Whereas, Sugar Minott's herbman
Hustling tee-shirt was wholly financed by the defunct Negus Fred
Mandingo CEO of Positive Musik France.

Collective SecurityAugust 1990 - August 1990

of "Le Petite Jamaïque" France. Whereas, Sugar Minott's herbman Hustling

tee-shirt was wholly financed by the defunct Negus Fred Mandingo CEO of

Positive Musik France.

Designer and illustrator
Gabriel Carb reggae album cover.

Artist musician from the commonwealth Republic of Dominica.

Album title " Tribute to Nelson Mandela ". Record distributed by " Equateur

Consortium "

10, Bd Diderot,75012 Paris, France.

Tympan production France - Anthony Gussie

Tympan productionJune 1989 - July 1989

Tympan production France - Anthony Gussie

Black Affaires from English Dominica West Indies led by Anthony Gussie.

Record produced: Tympan Production France.

EMI Music NigeriaJanuary 1980 - August 1986

Féla Anikulapo Kuti's record cover designs.

Eric Donaldson's "Rocky Road" record jacket design.
Jamaican popular reggae artist.Record released in Nigeria.
Job commissioned by EMI's Managing Director "Mr Bode Akinyemi".

Les Clip StarsJune 1985 - September 1985

Designed a record sleeve for "The Clip Stars" 17 inch music recording project
initiative to generate funds internationally to"STOP Hunger".

Client: The Clip Stars.

Record production: Maguy Salomon.

My art Agent: Myriam Rothstein.

Front and back cover illustration and graphics: Babatunde Banjoko.

Back cover photography: Gill.

Music composed: Igor Mrozinski / Christian Kalluc

Music English adaptation: To the children everywhere- Side B by: Jennifer


Savage AffaireJuly 1985 - July 1985

In July 1985 Fred Macpabro aka "No Smoke" of Savage Affaire music band

commissioned a visual identity design, which comprises a logo, invoice,

letter heading, business card, envelop design and a record jacket design for

"Savage Affaire".

Album recorded at Solaris studio Paris, mastered at the Sound Clinic London.

Positive MusikJune 1984 - June 1984

The defunct Negus Fred Mandingo a
friend and the owner of Positive Musik Paris contracted me to create
"Positive Musik" logo and the French reggae label "Reggae Plantation"
which produced several Jamaican singers such as Pinchers born Delroy
Thompson, Sugar Minott born Lincoln Barrington, and from the
commonwealth republic of Dominica Anthony Gussie of the Black Affairs.
This various artists record compilation was recorded in Jamaica and mixed by Peter Chemist.

Earthwork RecordsOctober 1983 - October 1983

The conception of Earthworks "brand logo" officially used on the letter

headings, invoices, business cards, catalogues, envelopes, the record label,

Dele Abiodun's Confrontation record, Zulu Jive's Umbaqanga record, Segun

Adewale's record, Thomas Mafumpo's record and the conception of Tony

Allen's Record cover. Album title "Nepa", produced by Abdurahaman Dustin

Johnson. Exectuive producer and owner of Earthwork records Donald "Jumbo"


LightDecember 1982 - December 1982

Speed of Light - Byron Pope

Record cover, record label and Speed
Babatunde O Banjoko

Record produced: Byron Pope

Co-produced: Mrs Pope

Varik Grant: Base

George Ed Nouel: Piano

Roger Raspail: Percussions

Chris Henderson: Drums

Sebasteao Perazzo

Celluloid MusicFranceFebruary 1982 - February 1982

Front cover record illustration for Gabonese artist musician

Pierre Akendengué. Album title "Mando" produced by Philippe Constantin of

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IT Infrastructure

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Graphic Design, Illustrator


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My education and trainings

Professional Certificate - Information Technology - Greta MTE 94 Créteil FRANCE2015 - 2016

Associate’s Degree - Industrial and Product Design CATIA V5 / CATIA 3DVIA Composer - LE CAMPUS FONDERIE DE L'IMAGE / Dassault Systèmes2015 - 2015

Professional Certificat - Web/Multimedia Management and Webmaster - GRETA MTE94 France2014 - 2015

Professional Certificat - Computer Graphic " print and web " - Nextadvance2009 - 2010

Associate’s Degree - Graphic Design - AFOGEC Paris 750082003 - 2004

DNSAP - peinture - Ecole nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts Paris1981 - 1985