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32 years
Guadalajara, MEXICO

My experience


NTT DATA–BNSFJanuary 2016 - December 2016

□ Responsibilities include providing setup, administration, maintenance, and support of
Windows-based servers, with a combination of physical and virtual servers.
□ Provisions, Plans, deploys, and documents newservers and services.
□ Make sure that availability and performance requirements are met and that all incidents/problems/requirements are promptly resolved and under SLAs.
□ Perform timely Patchmanagement as per the Schedule.
□ Anticipate, mitigate, identify, troubleshoot, and correct hardware and software issues on servers.
□ Analyzing system logs and identifying potential issues with computer systems.
□ Complywithand help to enforce standard operating policies and procedures.
□ Develop and maintain documentation about current environment setup, server hardening, standard operating procedures, and best practices.
□ Support end users on complex technical issues including problems related to applications, and servers.
□ Participate in ad/hoc meetings and special projects.
□ Maintain the warranty inventory and reports to the Customer Sr. Mgmt. Team.

Dell – BNSFJanuary 2010 - January 2016

  Responsible to administer the enterprise printer queues 7000+. This was aimed to provide a
smooth and undisrupted printer queue service.
  Responsibilities include providing setup, administration, maintenance, and IMAC support of the windows, UNIX, andmainframe printers.
  Working closely with Service Desk to help them out to troubleshoot printer related issues for them to create the corresponding KB article.
  Project Lead for Streamline managed printer service process by automating manual tasks.
  Develop and maintain SOP a quarterly basis.
  Responsible formultifunctional printer deployment including basic end user training on scanning features.
  Training of new staff members to reduce the learning curve.

Perot Systems – NOCJanuary 2009 - January 2010

□ Designs and develops total systems solutions to the customer’s enterprise-wide systems problems.
□ Applying industry best practices and methodologies to tie dissimilar components together into an aggregate system.
□ Preparation and ation of findings including recommendations based on industry best practice metrics and staffing recommendations.
□ Participate with the customer in the strategic design process and translate business needs into technical systems solutions.

Network Engineer Sr.January 2006 - January 2009

□ Responsible for Telecomm Voice & Data Networks operations.
□ PBX Backup process owner.
□ Subject matter expert resource for Change Management & IMR Voice & Call Recording for México.
□ Responsible for Call Recording Operations in México & Argentina.
□ Reengineering & Streamlining Process Documentation.
□ SME for data& voice hotspots. Performed regular capacity planning reviews and followed up on issues on the telecom fabric ensuring that must do upgrades or corrections were looked after.
□ Designed Call Center solutions including Call Recording for the specific projects.
□ Worked closely with corporate engineering team, often provides very valuable input to ensure the proposed solution fits the current business needs and meets their future objects and business plans.
□ Project Lead for provisioning new offices.
□ Led successful implementations of Voice/DATA/CallRecording upgrades.
□ Responsible for design and implementation of new Call Center, including training and post go-live support.
□ Developed custom applications for Process automation & Reporting.
□ Created a shell script to automate the credit card payment due date schedule. Achieved an outstanding time reduction to perform this task from 4 weeks to thirty minutes.
□ Maintained accurate telecom inventory.
□ Created an application to automate the administration of LD codes sending an email communication to the user with the corresponding responsibility letter. The process time
was reduced from two hours to 2minutes. Same script used in batch was able to reduce the time to create 5000LDwith their respective responsive letteremail attachments from1 month to a couple of hours.
□ Generated weekly status reports to stakeholders.
□ Developed a custom report for PBX Trunks usage for purpose of optimize the trunk load and reduced costs.
□ Development and management of project plan associated with PBX Trunk usage Re- engineering.
□ Subjectmatter expert resource for Telecomm network fabric optimization implementation.

CSDGroupJanuary 2001 - January 2006

□ Leader of the American Express Outsourcing contract.
□ Project Manager of Telecomm area.
□ In charge of the NICE Call Recording system.
□ Carried out capacity planning & redesign of the main server hardware platform
□ Report development.
□ AutomatedthePOSdevice statistics graphic report for the nationwidemerchants.This process time was extremely reduced fromweeks to less than an hour.
□ IMACCoordinator reporting to the IBMOutTasking leaders
□ Accomplished an inventory web application system with imaging interface to automate the enterprise asset inventory aimed to conciliate with the out-tasking service provider support report. This application sped the process up from five weeks to one week.
□ Streamlined the out-task service provider billing report process for the IMAC support.
□ Project Manager for integral Imaging & Document Management Project Solutions for customers.

Iec System Solutions de MéxicoJanuary 1992 - January 2006


□ Development of nationwide whole sale & retail strategies for the purpose of increase company sales and customer base.
□ Developed and managed the retail strategy to attend the low budget scientific teams of Universities and Research Institutes by including the migration of their applications and custom scientific computer programs to the new platform.
□ Development of training packets on Network design and implementation.
□ Achieved sale of the first massive parallel machine (MPP) Ncube for the National PolytechnicInstitute.
□ Achieved performance improvement (~35%) on Alpha Servers running Dec Unix by fine tuning the OS configuration for the Physics Institute of Mexico National .University (UNAM).
□ Led several successful integral imaging projects on public and private sectors.
□ Sold aWAN dial in network solution to connect customer’s small offices. This included the provision of network routers and small print server boxes that drastically reduced the long distancemonthly billing and paper utilization.

IXE Financial GroupJanuary 2000 - January 2001

□ Responsible of the IT Infrastructure & Business Operations including Bank & Brokerage House applications.
□ Management and supervision of a staff of thirty.
□ Development and management of project plan associated with IT staff downsize.
□ Led successful implementation of IT staff downsize from60 to thirtymembers maintaining undisrupted operations.
□ Management of Help Desk & Technical Support teams for the Enterprise Infrastructure and Applications.
□ Developing and Forecasting Budgets for the IT area.
□ In charge of an intensive staff training
□ Responsible for the Network Security Design implementation.
□ Established a strong, strategic partnerships with vendors and service suppliers.
□ Coordinated projects to get best output using limited resources to their fullest.
□ Project Lead for Data Center Capacity Plan Project for purpose to infrastructure refresh to ensure high services availability.
□ Project Lead for Migrate Oracle server from Sun Solaris to Linux Redhat OS for purpose of get important savings in licenses and maintenance.
□ Project Lead for Solving Application programming issues on Gupta SQL environment.
□ Project Lead forMigration of hostedWeb application framework (ASP, IIS,MSSQLSever) to local Sun hosts (PHP, Apache, and MySQL).
□ Responsible of contract negotiations for purpose of get important savings.

Grupo ICAJanuary 1998 - January 2000

□ Project Lead for Document Management System Implementation.
□ Responsible for design and implementation of Data Center Capacity Plan consolidating the servers with less and more powerful machines.
□ Responsible for implementation of Network & Security configuration.
□ Led a group of 9 program analysts.
□ Project Lead for developing and maintaining enterprise applications (GL, AR, AP, document management and web like applications).
□ Project Lead for an enterprise application to administer landfill sites distributed nationwide.
This application contained several modules, Garbage truck management, HR, Payroll, Treasury, Accounting, and interface with Oracle financials. Using Visual Basic, Access, and Crystal Reports.

Grupo TelevisaJanuary 1997 - January 1998

□ Management and supervision of a staff of 15.
□ Established a strong, strategic partnerships with vendors and service suppliers.
□ Consultation with Telecomm vendors for purpose of evaluating technology standards and trending.
□ Development and delivery of assessment findings and recommendations report including project summary timelines relative to implementation of Network functionality and best practices.
□ Responsible for implementation of Network Security Optimization.
□ Development and management of project plan associated with Network Refresh Project.
□ In charge ofWeb Portal infrastructure and applications including planning, design, and development.
□ Management of messaging support team for the Enterprise.
□ Led successful implementations of portal content and e-commerce applications.
□ Led successful design, development, and implementation of the Sports Division web portal.
□ Responsible of design, development, and implementation of the France 1998 World Cup Web Page.
□ Responsible of contract negotiations for purpose of get important savings.

National Information Bureau (NIB)January 1997 - December 1997

□ Responsible for LAN/WAN Nationwide Network.
□ Led successful implementation of messaging migration from CCMail to MS Exchange server including training and post go-live support.
□ Provided direct supervision of the Network Security Improvement implementation using data encryptors.

Mexican Petroleum InstituteJanuary 1985 - January 1994

□ Responsible of design & operations of the high-performance data center for the scientific division.
□ Led a group of 4 IT analysts.
□ Accountable for the weekly billing report for the data center resource usage.
□ Project Lead for Visualization application of the Mexico’s Air Pollution Study Project for purpose of developing the simulation animation of the theoretical models.
□ Management of support team for Scientific and Chemical Engineering Applications.
□ Provided additional support of scientific and engineering development team to debug their computer programs written in different computer languages like FORTRAN, Cobol, C, Lisp, Basic.

My stack

Windows Server, UX Design, UNIX, UI Design, Team management, System administration, SUSE, Python, Project Management, Perl, Oracle, Network administration, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Linux, ITIL, Informix, Fortran, Firewalls, Consulting, COBOL, C#, Apache Web Server, AIX