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Vasile A.


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20 years
Suceava, ROMANIA

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My experience


Visteon CorporationJuly 2014 - December 2019

Work on VS Daimler 2.0 project.
- Understand software design & specifications
- Maintenance for ASSYST WIA component (bug fixing). Simulation using CANoe configurations and debugger tools.
- Technologies / tools used: Autosar RTE, ANSI C, Doxygen, MULTI GHS integrated development, PVCS, Coverity, Interractive clusters ECO & MID, Interprocess communication, Renesas flashing tools for resources, Serena TeamTrack

Work on MFA2 Trucks project
- understand software design and specifications.
- developped Software Architecture Tools for MFA2 project. Provide maintenance for Franca generator C# plugin for converting THRIFT interface definition files to FRANCA interface definition files.
- technologies used: embedded C programming in MULTI and Eclipse IDEs, Autosar, RTC following Agile methodologies, C# and .NET Framework in Visual Studio 2010 Professional.

Work on GM_B4 (General Motors) project
- developed automatic flashing tool in C#, using serial port communication and network programming.
- programming in C/C++, using inter-thread communication, multithreading: mutexes, message queues.
- maintenance, implement new features, update translation table and alert manager database.
- using QNX Neutrino 6.5 IDE, MOST bus (Media Oriented Systems Transport) and vector CANoe configurations, K2L Viewer, Serena TeamTrack, PVCS version manager, according with Agile Methodologies.

Work on Turing platform toolchain
- Understand the design of Rules Composer tool, as a part of IBM Rational Rhapsody 8.1.3 for Developers.
- Java development for implementing the UML Generator Rhapsody plugin, based on Rational Rhapsody JAVA API. The legacy code generator tool, developed with Rules Composer in MQL and TGT scripting languages will be replaced by the Rhapsody plugin for code generator. Use Eclipse Modeling Framework for defining the Rhapsody model. The Rhapsody plugin generates also the Class Model based on the Rhapsody model.

Work on Dijkstra architecture .

Johnson ControlsApril 2012 - June 2014

Developing software in C/C++ for embedded automotive platforms, entertainment systems.

1. Mazda CMU project:
- Developed USB CAN Simulator for CD functionality, using Winamp SDK plugins; create plugins for extract metadata and simulate CD functionality. Understand CAN protocol. Work with CAN pex/run cards Vector VN1600, Vector CANoe.
- Understand Inter Process Communication in Linux environment (shared memory, pipes, semaphores, conditional variables, mutexes). Understand DBUS and JCIDBUS message bus system; XML introspection interfaces for software components.
- Involved in maintenance for BLM USB Music module.
- Responsible for developing BLM (Business Logic Module) CD component. Understand hierarchical state machines framework. Implement hierarchical state machine framework for BLM CD component. Write Software Detailed Design Document for CD component and elaborate Sequence Diagrams with UML tool Rational Rhapsody.
- C/C++ in Eclipse IDE on Ubuntu, using VMWare virtual machines, Serena Team Track task management and Serena Dimensions CM Configuration management, Build System 3.0 for builds management, Renesas MAP & VIP flashing.

2. VS Daimler 2.0 project
- Understand software design & specifications
- Implement Unit Testing for SpeerPointer and Event Manager components (target 95% code coverage in BullseyeCoverage).
- Involved in maintenance for Warning Information Management (WIM) in Event Manager
component. Simulation using CANoe configurations and debugger tools.
- Technologies used: Autosar RTE, ANSI C, MULTI integrated development, Unit Testing framework in Visual C++ 6.0 IDE, PVCS, Coverity, Interractive clusters ECO & MID, Interprocess communication, Renesas flashing tools for resources, Serena TeamTrack

-Tying up things for programming contest "Algorithmic Shoreo Cup", teaching data structure and algorithms in C++ , selecting tough problems and evaluating task solutions. The prizes were provided by Shoreo Software Group.

S.C. Mauve S.R.L. IasiNovember 2009 - April 2012

• Added new features in applications, developed algorithms for financial indicators.
• Implemented PMD6 binary file format for financial data information (test - driven development). Multi-threaded programming in Qt (writing a thread manager in order to speed-up the processing of PMD6 files: one thread process one single PMD6 file). Implement PMD7 binary file format in order to store multiple days data into one single file. Implement OHLC compressed files. Unit testing for methods working with PMD6 files.
•Data parsing: binary to structure, structure to binary; strong knowledge of internal binary file format.
•Synchronous Event, Asynchronous Events, Multi-threading, Semaphores, Mutexes, Safe multi-threading data processing, Buffers: circular buffers and FIFO, SQL databases, Memory leaks, TCP/UDP Socket connections
• Learned multiprocessor programming with nVidia CUDA, using nvcc compiler on Tesla supercomputer S1070 with 4 devices C1060. Developed parallel algorithms for processing PMD6 files on CUDA.
• Developed some algorithms in C++ for neural networks: backpropagation for feedforward multilayer perceptron, Levenberg - Marquardt method. Use FANN libraries for backpropagation training.
• Manage financial data downloaded from various providers: IQFEED, PFG Best, IBTWS, TS4 (financial data are received via TCP/IP sockets).
• Develop client-server architecture for trading environment, with communication wrappers for every provider (PFG Best, IBTWS, IQFEED, TS4). Use Quick FIX Engine and FIX protocol. Develop Data Collection Server for store the downloaded financial data on hard disk.
• Wrote technical documentation with Open Office. Create UML diagrams using Visual Paradigm.
• Used Qt UI Framework for Linux and Windows(KDevelop, QDevelop, QtCreator, Visual Studio Professional 2010), C++ OOD & OOA, data structures and algorithms, CUDA programming model, neural networks, numerical methods, project management with Trac and SVN.

S.C. Bentley S.R.L. IasiAugust 2008 - October 2009

• Worked on Geomath, Conbox and Leap Bridge, according to Agile methodology.
• Knew every software, codes and specifications assigned.
• Participated in writing of functional and technical specifications, development and documentation of software components.
• Realized software programs according to given documentation.
• Wrote software codes, developing new software programs through scientific formula conversion, technical date and other functional specs using using company's rules and methods.
• Studied and programmed new software solutions, enhancing the existing ones.
• Used OO design, multithreading programming on Windows platforms, C++, MFC, STL, XML, HTML, C#, Open GL, .NET Framework.

SiemensSeptember 2007 - July 2008

• Worked on Simatic IT Historian project.
• Developed a MFC dialog-based test project for Data Acces Interface library, ADILIB.
• Tested the interface IVar2 by implementing a C++ COM client project.
• Facilitated the communication between IVar2 provider and RTDS by means of a C++ COM server.
• Used C++, MFC, ATL/COM, data structures & algorithms, SQL Server 2000.

Stabiplan SRLMarch 2007 - May 2007

• Worked on Stabicad project.
• Developed in Visual C++.NET 2005 using Autocad 2007.
• Solved application bugs.
• Used C++, OOA & OOD, Design Patterns, UML, STL, MFC, SQL Server 2000, Unit Testing.

Route 66May 2003 - March 2007

• Worked on Route 2003, Route 2004, Route 2005, PRM Builder, R66 Navigate projects.
• Familiar with GDF / SIF+ files format provided by Tele Atlas and Navteq
• Data processing : problem identification and solving
• Optimized data processing: replaced of extremely large data files with compact databases increasing thus data-processing speed.
• Routing calculation: testing and solving bugs
• Developed algorithm for automated placement of curved names on streets
• Studied computational geometry algorithms for area processing. Analyzed the performance (memory usage and time complexity) of GPC library.
• Added new features in applications in order to display county borders and native language (using UNICODE and UTF-8, UTF-16 format).
• Built maps for countries all over the world.
• Wrote technical documentation about problems in applications.
• Provided support for new colleagues
• Used C++ OOA & OOD, STL, MFC, Windows GDI+, data structures & algorithms, mathematics, multi - platform programming, concurent programming.

S.C. "Hidroconstructia"August 2001 - January 2003

• Developed database administration projects using Visual Fox Pro 6.0.
• Provided computer maintenance services.
• Used SQL, Visual Fox Pro, Office applications.
• File sharing (data sheets, databases, audit files) between branch offices using intranet network

Institute of computer ScienceAugust 1998 - October 2000

• Worked on a handwritten recognition project using Visual C++ 6.0
• Elaborated research activity reports
• Developed learning algorithms for neural networks.
• Used C++, MFC, neural networks, Unix/Linux, Telnet.

My stack

XML, Win32, Visual Studio 2010, Visual FoxPro, Visual C++, UNIX, Unit testing, UML, UDP, Ubuntu, Turbo Pascal, Telnet, TCP/IP, STL, SQL, RTC, Qt Creator, Qt, QNX, PVCS, Prolog, PMD, Parallel Programming, OpenOffice, OpenGL, OOP, OOD, OOA, Neural networks, MOST, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Visual C/C++, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, MFC, MAP, Linux, KDevelop, Java, Image Processing, HTML, FIX, Embedded Systems, Embedded C, Eclipse IDE, Design Patterns, dBase, Database Administration, CUDA, COM, CANoe, CAN, C++, C#, AutoCAD, Agile Methodology, Agile, .NET Framework, .NET