Jean-Jacques M.


830 dollar
23 years

My experience


AnasenAugust 2018 - Present

Anasen completely revolutionizes your data experience. Anasen interprets your actions in real time in the interface and crosses them with the nature of your data to recommend the most relevant tools. It's the equivalent of a GPS for the data: you are guided intelligently at each stage while remaining sole master on board. While the self-service solutions of the market are essentially visualization, Anasen accompanies you on the entire data workflow, from data preparation to the application of advanced analysis algorithms. You can take advantage of your unique knowledge of the business and context, and value your data yourself without expertise in data analysis.

My daily work was: 

- Build automation of deployment of kubernetes clusters on top of GCP and Azure 

- Implement CI/CD on top of Gitlab 

- Build and maintain Helm packages to deploy the app 

- Build and maintain all tools to maintain the app in production

My last task was to implement Skaffold, a command line tool that facilitates continuous development for Kubernetes applications. You can iterate on your application source code locally then deploy to local or remote Kubernetes clusters. Skaffold handles the workflow for building, pushing and deploying your application. It also provides building blocks and describe customizations for a CI/CD pipeline.


NetworkConcordanceMay 2008 - Present

NetworkConcordance is my own company that I founded in 2008. The mission of NetworkConcordance is to bring to all a know-how experienced in the design of hardware and software infrastructure.
* Expertise and audit mission
* Study and deployment of private and hybrid cloud infrastructure
* Software Defined (Networking, Storage) Infrastructure Deployment and Deployment
* Support in the framework of migration to the Cloud
* Development of specific tools
* RFP writing

KHEOPS Organisation (FiducialCloud)October 2009 - Present

Cloud solution outsourcer for small and medium businesses, KHEOPS Organization was acquired in October 2015 by Fiducial Cloud.
* Management of the technical team (8 people)
* Implementation of tools necessary for industrialization
* KPI on technical direction
* Change management
* Management of 4 datacenters
* Deployment of the MPLS network (providing L2VPN and L3VPN services)
* Deploying the private Cloud infrastructure
* Deployment Software Defined (Storage and Network) infrastructure
* Industrialization of infrastructures
* Project management
* Executive commitee
* Pre-sales support
* Old technology

ICtelecomNovember 2006 - April 2008

ICtelecom, listed on Alternext of NYSE Euronext Paris (ALICT), is an operator specializing in ToIP solutions for small and medium businesses.
In March 2013 ICtelecom took the name of KERTEL Entreprise.
* Management of the team in charge of the development and operation of the network and services
* First operator to interconnect in SSUTR2 with FranceTelecom (Orange)
* Main driver in the development of new services (ICoffice, ICBackup, IPlabel)
* Management of 3 datacenters
* Technical training of pre-sales, sales and customer relations teams

Galop-TelecomMay 2005 - November 2006

Galop-Telecom was one of the first white label IP Centrex operators.
GALOP-TELECOM was acquired in November 2006 by ICtelecom.
* Deployment of Centrex and PSTN Infrastructure
* Deployment of the Centrex platform
* Level 3 support

NeufCegetelMay 2001 - May 2005

NeufCegetel, now SFR, became in less than 10 years the first French alternative operator.
* Engineering and deployment of TRIPLE PLAY and MPLS networks
* Management of BGP peering rules
* Deployment of the second MPLS network (CISCO)
* Engineering and deployment of the national network (CISCO)
* Participation in many network migrations (14 mergers / acquisitions in 4 years)

Easynet FranceJuly 1998 - May 2001

Easynet is a BSkyB group company specializing in managed network solutions.
* Deployment of POPs
* Study and deployment of a transparent proxy / cache solution for xDSL subscribers
* Study and deployment of the Parisian MAN using L2 / L7 switches (FOUNDRY)

My stack


Shell, Ruby, Golang, Python, SQL, Perl, YAML

Open Source solutions


Embedded and Telecom


Analysis methods and tools

Scrum, Agile Methodology, Agile, DevOps

Environment of Development

CircleCI, GitLab


Amazon Web Services (AWS), AWS

IT Infrastructure

Unix, Ansible, Azure Cloud, Docker, VMware vSphere, Cloud Computing, Docker Compose, Google Compute Engine, Terraform, Linux, Zabbix, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Nginx


Packer, BDD, Business Strategy, GitLab CI, Project Management, GitHub, Management




SDN, Helm, Scrum Methodology, Behaviour-Driven Development, Architecture, CICD, Marketing & communication, Skaffold, MPLS (MultiProtocol Label Switching)



My education and trainings

DataCore Certified Solution Architect / Nextone certified Engineer 1 & 2 / Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) / Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) / Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) - CERTIFICATIONS

Executive MBA - Expert in Information Systems Management - EPITECH2015 - 2017

Executive MBA - Expert in computer engineering - IONIS STM2015 - 2017

Coach « Digital Entrepreneurship Certificate » - HEC Paris2016 - 2016