Martin C.


970 dollar
17 years

My experience


SynbiozAugust 2007 - Present

Structuring the company from scratch :

- Building a team
- Creating methodologies
- Focusing on customer needs
- Choosing technologies and getting expertise
- Increasing the business

PlungeJuly 2018 - Present

Plunge réalise des missions d'audit, d'hébergement, de conseil et de mise en place d'infrastructures
sur des plateformes type AWS, GCP, Azure, OVH.


RehackJanuary 2017 - Present

J'accompagne les directions opérationnelles, DSI, dirigeants et entrepreneurs dans la mise en place de leurs systèmes d'informations.

J'interviens sur un périmètre technique, fonctionnel et managérial comprenant notamment :

- Audit de système existant
- Architecture de système d’information (design des services, choix des composants etc…)
- Expression et rédaction de besoins fonctionnels et de spécifications techniques
- Mise en place d'infrastructures, scripting des infras, mise en place d’APM,
de scénarios type disaster recovery plan etc…
- Choix des langages, technologies, frameworks et providers dans le cas des infrastructures
- Mise en place et application de processus qualité (revue de code, intégration continue…)
- Pilotage des équipes techniques et fonctionnelles (internes et externes)
- Définition du workflow de gestion de projets et choix des outils associés
- Mise en place de processus qualité (revue de code, CI, feature environment)
- Migration d’environnements, notamment de on premise vers IaaS (AWS, GCP)
- Définition des politiques de sécurité et du plan de reprise d'activité
- Sourcing et choix de prestataires
- Sourcing et embauche de candidats
- Animation d'équipe
- Préparation et soutenance dans le cadre de certifications ISO 9001, 27001

DelegateJanuary 2017 - January 2019


ValipatDecember 2014 - January 2017

Late 2014 Valipat was facing some challenges with its information system.

The whole business is operated using its web platform that was not very reliable. Hosted on two dedicated servers with barely no backup we were at risk. The delivery was very poor (current release was pending for 4 months), and they did'nt really succeeded in creating a strong in house team. Having a lot of applications onboarding new developers was also really painful.

Combined with a strong growth and the creation of several business unit during the next month, IT was a weak point.

I spend half of my time working for Valipat in collaboration with project manager (business oriented), several freelance and some developers from Synbioz, composing a team of 6/8 people and reporting to the CIO.

I first tackled the technical onboarding problem, pushing docker inside the company, creating a set of best practices and helping the other developers. Progressively we made some progress and started using it for feature environments, then staging and finally production using AWS ECS.

In the meantime we started working in a more agile way with some rituals (retrospective, daily standup…) and I helped defining the business spec format.

Afterward we took care of application testing, no test suits was running and coverage was really poor. We progressively reduced technical debt while releasing every 2 weeks. Combined with docker and using gitlab-ci we started to have continuous integration and delivery.

Business keeps growing and we had a problem with the current applications. Each one had been built in a monolithic way, re-implementing the same concepts every time. We started a transition to components on the front side (using vue.js) and services on the backend side (using elixir / ruby) that is still ongoing.

La Maison de l'investisseurJuly 2004 - July 2007

Complete rewriting of a web based application to manage the full trade's process of La Maison de


My stack



Software testing

Web app testing, RSpec

Environment of Development


IT Infrastructure

Linux, Git, Docker


PostGreSQL, MongoDB


Sinatra, REST, Node.js, Grails


AWS, Phoenix


JavaScript, Elixir, HTML5, CoffeeScript, Ruby, Ruby on Rails

My education and trainings

Software development engineer - Development - INSIA2004 - 2007

DUT Informatique - Informatique - IUT Lens2002 - 2004