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My experience


Galactrix TechnologiesJune 2018 - Present

All skills I gained in my previous experience I applied to cofounding a technical consultancy company (Galactrix Technologies), currently acting as the CTO, which deals with various contracts (ranging from web design, network management, to technical support)

Self-EmployedJuly 2017 - June 2018

Working as a freelancer, I have been provided the opportunity to work on several technical roles – ranging from network engineering, web design, and teaching – applying my range of technical skills to fulfil various contracts.

Postworks (UK)September 2016 - January 2017

Employed as a contractor with the company, I handled the migration of their  website – aimed to be used as a customer conversion tool - from their previous Weebly platform to WordPress.

This planning process  opened my eyes to the various business related aspects of design I would not have previously considered (as I was very techno-centric). A primary example of this is the Why, How, What approach to business, in which all the reations of the business (merchandise, adverts, even the website) primarily focuses on the core reason a business creates its products, rather than focus on the product itself.

With the website needing a WordPress plugin, I had to liaise with a previous professional contact, acting as an intermediary between him and the company. This really tested my organisation, time management, and leadership skills, as I now had to account for the pace he worked at, as well as my own, in order to ensure we meet deadlines.

The project was cancelled close to the end, as the advice I provided on the impracticality of the WordPress theme being used was adhered to. Although I consider this somewhat of a 'win' in demonstrating my expertise, the situation definitely tested my grit, lending me a glimpse into the reality of real world project work.of technical skills to fulfil various contracts.

IMHXSeptember 2016 - September 2016

IMHX 2016 was one of the UK’s largest intra-logistics events, and in coalition with Think Logistics – within the Career Ready programme – I was invited to speak concerning how the logistics industry could attract the younger generation. The seminar was held in the Future Skills Theatre and was titled: ‘Attracting New Talent’.

I was provided the opportunity to run a Q&A session following a ation from Think Logistics, and received encouragingly all-round positive feedback from the attendees of the seminar, concerning my ation and communication skills and ability to think quickly when "placed in a spot".

This led to me being invited into several meetings with Logistics companies (ranging from Dachser to Coca Cola) concerning attracting young talent, and I am shifted into the role of being ambassador, reing the new generation of potential employees within the Logistics industry, and acting as liaison between the companies and my college.

Augmented VacanciesAugust 2014 - February 2015

Within the company, I performed administrative and IT related tasks such as organising, running and providing support for job help and computer skills workshops. I also recruited new volunteers and assisted in phasing them into the company. In my free time, I took a part in beta testing the job search application being developed by the company.

This enabled me to improve my interpersonal, communication, and ation skills, as I was often called upon to support (or even lead) some workshops.

In addition, it enabled me to further develop my software based tech skills, as I slowly began to learn HTML/CSS as my first programming experience, in order to be able to modify the web based application. This led to situations in which, when I spotted an error with the front-end, or simply had design ideas, I could implement mockups using my 'Adobe Brackets' IDE. This enabled to suggest solutions to the problems, rather than just identifying them, and was the spark that led me down my tangent into web design.

Shadows in the StreetsAugust 2014 - August 2014

As a part of my National Citizen Service, during Summer 2014- in hand with the Northampton Hope Centre, I led a team of like-minded young people to organise a fundraising art exhibition and auction to display and sell art pieces donated by both the Hope Centre arts department and local artists.

As well as raising much-needed funds for the centre, it assisted in increasing the awareness of homelessness as an issue in Northampton and the UK.

This situation tested both most of my soft skills - least of all leadership and teamwork. Time management was efficient as that comes easy to me, and the teamwork within my assigned role (for the majority of my team mates) was flawless.

However my leadership skills were pushed,as I had to deal with two members of the team that were lax in their contribution to the project. This issue was resolved by me just assigning them roles, and allowing them to work at their own pace, whilst constantly checking on them. This enabled us to graduate the NCS programme, after completing our project with no hitches.

My stack

WordPress, Web Design, Ubuntu, Time Management, Technical Support, Teamwork, Social Media, Security, Python, Project Management, Presentation skills, Photoshop, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Linux, Leadership, HTML, Embedded C, Design, CSS, Consulting