Calin R.


610 euro
16 years

My experience

ExpoTor LLCAugust 2015 - December 2018


Visionaire™ Creative HackersAugust 2015 - December 2018

- Project management and budgeting
- App prototyping and development
- Infrastructure management (Servers, Domains, Cloud Services, etc)
- Managing outsourced teams

Software Stack: Python (Plain Python, Django, DRF, Celery), PHP (Plain PHP, Phalcon, Silex, Symfony 3), Java, C#, GIT, Nginx, uWSGI, Redis, RabbitMQ, ElasticSearch, GraphQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Docker, ReactJS, Ionic, Ubuntu, WEBGL, Three.js and many other.

Services: Google, AWS, Cloudflare, Paypal, Stripe, Mailgun, Elasticemai

SOLOMO365April 2013 - August 2015

- Project management.
- Budgeting
- Migration from cloud hosting services to proprietary blade servers
- Datacenter colocation
- Managing devs + outsourced teams
- Proprietary software development (SMS betting platform for India, Nigeria, Burkina Faso and Mexico)
- It consulting for Sportlobster platform and BE12 Swiss Databank (

- Software and hardware architecture

- Technical Project Management
- Developing and consuming REST and SOAP services
- Integration and development of gaming and gambling services
- Mobile websites development (jQuery Mobile, Backbone.js, Require.js) + Phonegap
- Network administration and security
- Technical decisions
- Managing outsourced teams
- Testing & developing different apps using Symfony & Phalcon

LocalnomadMay 2011 - April 2013

Localnomad, is my first employer. A great company with great people. Here I learned a lot about developing using open source frameworks (Symfony), about Agile and Scrum development, about being part of a team. A great experience.

At this point, I maintain their current websites (fixing bugs, developing new features, etc.). I'm also part of the new team as Software Developer, helping Localnomad to build their new platform, developing the core for the frontend and customer backoffice + implementing UX using a template engine.

Because of the privacy policy, I can not offer technical details, but we are developing using latest technologies on the web.

Freelance Web ProgrammerJanuary 2003 - April 2011

Developing web and/or intranet applications from scratch (except design) using PHP.

- No frameworks used. I developed my own framework applicable for most of my clients.
- Database design. Mostly MySQL; rarely PostgreSQL and Oracle.
- OOP development following MVC pattern
- TDD for bigger projects
- Software versioning (Git)
- Linux environment (Ubuntu / Debian)
- Server administrator (not for high traffic websites - i have only a medium knowledge about security)

Advance knowledge about JavaScript and Javascript frameworks (mostly jQuery), CSS, HTML.

Working as freelancer i've managed to develop over 250 websites ( about 100 of them are still up & running) starting from simple websites to more advanced like eCommerce or UG content.
Because of privacy policy, portfolio will be available only if requested.

My experience as a freelance developer was great. Mostly because i learned a lot about UX, about organizing my work and the most important thing: talking with clients and convince them about what is good and what is wrong in their way of thinking the project. Of course I failed a few times but that was just a small wall that ( i think ) I've managed to climb it successfully.

My stack

Scrum, SaaS, REST API, React.js, React Native, Python, PostgreSQL, PHP, OOP, MySQL, Linux, jQuery, JavaScript, Ionic, HTML, Git, Django, CSS, Apache, AngularJS, Android