Hussam Y.

Data Analyst

690 dollar
13 years

My experience


Self-employedJanuary 2019 - Present

Freelance in deep learning, data generation and data annotation for deep learning solution in the computer vision area.
* Create an application to detect polygons in images.

7 Sensing SoftwareAugust 2018 - December 2018

Algorithm development on Qualcomm card
* Design and implement Image Proceesing algorithm using OpenCL

AirbusJanuary 2017 - August 2018

Working in the 3D team in airbus on the new version of street factory, a tool used to create 3D models of earth from aerial/UAV photos using structure from motion application
* Design and implementation of some steps of the application
* re-Design and Accelerate some of these steps using OpenGL
* deep learning, computer vision, C++, Linux, OpenCV, OpenGL, Cuda

Thales OptroniqueJanuary 2015 - December 2016

Working as image processing engineer in Thales, I had the opportunity to work on the multi-function targeting pod Talios on designing and developpeing image processing algorithms.
* Linux, C/C++, Eclips, ClearCase, Embedded systems

AltimeshSeptember 2012 - December 2014

Altimesh is a company specialized in performance acceleration using graphic cards:
* Smart-phone application to generate, treats, and display realistic human faces using Opengl in real-time, with the possibility to generate animations, and add accessories (hair, glasses, caps, ...)
* HDR images generator on PC and Smart-Phones (algorithms and implementation on GPU)
* Compiler for the Nvidia Optix engine (an engine of Ray Tracing based on CUDA): it gives users the ability to write the code executed on GPU in C #.
* Windows, Linux, C#, C++, OpenGl, OpenGl ES, Cuda, GLSL, HLSL, Visual Studio, Eclips, Xna

University of ReimsSeptember 2009 - August 2012

The goal of my thesis was to find a numerical measurement of the translucency of human skin (Humain face: analyse, mesurment and 3D simulation)
* Create a 3D scanning system (structured light system).
* Create computer vision application to extract needed information from one image of human face (algorithms and implementation)
* Create a 3D engine to simulate human face
* Validation with a cosmetic industry (Soliance)
* Patent :

ISTIA University of AngersJanuary 2008 - January 2009

Collaborative virtual work
- Investigate the influence of sensory feedbacks on the Awareness of users of a collaborative virtual environment.

My stack

Embedded and Telecom



Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft C-SHARP, French, Arabic, Signal Processing, GPU, English, C Programming Language, Programming, Python Programming, Algorithm development, Eclips, 3D, Graphics Processing Unit, Microsoft Windows

Analysis methods and tools

Rational ClearCase, JIRA


CUDA, Matlab, C/C++, C++, Glsl, Python, C#




Research, Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Image Processing, Teamwork

Environment of Development

Visual Studio, CMake, Eclipse IDE, Eclipse


Computer Graphics, Image Processing

IT Infrastructure

Linux, Git, Windows

Machine Learning

Deep learning, Keras, TensorFlow




OpenCV, OpenGL ES, OpenCL, OpenGL

My education and trainings

PhD, 3D CReSTIC - University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne2011 - 2012

Master 2 research - ISTIA University of Angers2008 - 2009

Engineer - University of Damas2006 - 2007