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PandoraDecember 2020 - Present

Pandora is a well known international retailer in the Jewelry sector. As an analytics expert, I:

- Produced dashboards for the digital marketing acquisition teams
- Ran analysis for digital marketing teams.
- Ran ad-hoc analysis on specific promotions.
Keywords : Adobe Analytics, MS Excel, Google Analytics, SFCC, Salesforce, Magento

Christian Dior CoutureSeptember 2019 - December 2020

- Led the custom implementation of web analytics tools (Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager) on the perimeter of 15 ecommerce countries.
- Led a team of 3 with knowledge sharing, as a web analytics manager.
- Built, owned, and shared the Web Analytics roadmap during steering commitees.
- Led efforts to develop customized KPI Dashboards (tools : GA and Data Studio).
- Managed business partners/providers including billing management
- Setup A/B tests with Dynamic Yield tool.

Keywords : Google Analytics 360, Google Tag Manager, Google Data Studio, digital analytics implementation, roadmap management, team management, LVMH.

Croissance du DigitalJune 2015 - January 2020

Fomerly called Croissance-Digitale, Croissance du Digital is a Paris-based startup that specializes in both digital analytics consulting and social media advertising services. Its purpose is to strengthen the leadership of the top companies in France and beyond.

I started Croissance du Digital because I felt there was a need for data-driven culture and contribution in the companies that I interacted with on a daily basis in France.
The values of Croissance du Digital SAS are excellence, partnership and trust.

The Croissance du Digital company has helped top companies such as:

- E.Leclerc
- Disneyland Paris
- Le Groupe La Poste
- Thalys International
- Hermès International

Disneyland ParisJanuary 2017 - January 2018

Disneyland Paris is one of the most frequented amusement parks in Europe.

- Provided guidance in a project management role involving digital analytics expertise.
- Led agile ceremonies with offshore technical teams (Accenture Manilla)
- Wrote digital analytics user stories
- Validated user stories
- Prioritized the backlog within the roadmap of projects
Keywords : Adobe Analytics, Project Management

HermèsJanuary 2015 - January 2016

Hermès is a well-known luxury brand.

As a consultant, I performed the following:
- Managed relationships with partner digital agencies and partner digital data platform providers.
- Managed SEM agency contract, provided paid campaign investment guidelines, and monitored agency deliveries.
- Implemented digital analytics strategy (tracking, data reporting, online media analytics ...) with market leading tools (Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics Premium, XiTi, tag managers) on various Hermès websites.
- Provided web analytics business support to foreign Hermès offices (Asia, America, Australia).\
- "Evangelized" use of data internally.
- Conducted a specific comparison of Digital Marketing suites for Hermès, involving Adobe and Google.
Keywords : web analytics, Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics.

PhotoBoxJanuary 2014 - January 2015

PhotoBox group is an international e-commerce company that specializes in physical products and digital photos.

With Photobox, I executed large-scale implementation and optimization projects involving Web Analytics tools (transition from Adobe Analytics to both Eulerian DMP and Google Analytics Premium) on the 23 e-commerce sites of the group :
- Performed web/data analytics need analysis for several marketing teams and wrote specifications for technical teams.
- Designed and enabled scheduled KPI dashboards for the various marketing teams (site centric, acquisition, retention, mobile, ...).
- Achieved ultra low discrepancy-rate between back office transaction count and web analytics transaction count, and an ultra-low discrepancy rate between back office and Eulerian data.
- Setup and validated partner Tags on the websites (more than 100) via several Tag Management tools (or « TMS »), including Eulerian and GTM.
- ed the digital analytics roadmap to upper management on the digital steering committees.
Keywords : Google Analytics, Eulerian tag master & analytics, campaign tracking & attribution, Adobe Analytics & Campaign, CRM, Google Tag Manager (GTM), roadmap management & planning, steering committees, bilingual project management, Jira, Big Query, online performance optimization.

AdversitementJanuary 2012 - January 2014

Adversitement is an international consulting firm that had used to have a business unit in Paris, France.

As a consultant with Adversitement France, I worked on the following websites:
- Samsung France : online retail of the famous tech. brand.
- Axa France : online B2C insurance.
- Canal+ : online B2C subscription to TV broadcasting offers.
- Europcar : online car rentals
- Disneyland Paris : ticket selling online - car rentals
- MonaBanq : online banking
- Merck : online news for medical professionals
Here are the projects I ran on a day-to-day basis as a consultant:
- Digital analytics technical implementations
- Ran Analysis with Adobe Target
- Tag-management technical implementation, setup, and tag "de-duplication"
- On-site conversion rate optimization (CRO) analysis : online user behavior analysis, user journey design and analysis, conversion funnel analysis, drop-off analysis
- Online paid campaign management with tracking assessment
- Marketing campaign attribution
Keywords: Omniture / Adobe Analytics, Adobe Target, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, CRO, MS Excel / VBA, Google Adwords, SEM campaign management, MS PowerPoint, TagCommander / Commanders Act

Suncor EnergyJanuary 2011 - January 2012

Suncor Energy Inc. is one of the largest Oil and Gas companies in Canada.

Within the Marketing and Refining department located in Suncor's headquarters, I ran projects in data analysis and advanced business analysis. Through programming with Excel and SAP, I developed effective KPI dashboards for marketing management.
This position introduced me to leading data-related projects for a major corporate marketing department.

Keywords : SAP, Excel/VBA, project management, KPI's, functionnal need analysis, dashboard creation, project promotion.

University of Toronto - University of St. Michael's CollegeJanuary 2007 - January 2009

The University of St. Michael's College is a part of the University of Toronto.

Working as an administrative employee for the University of St. Michael's College, I contributed to the development of its official website.
I performed each of the following, progressing rapidly and steadily in a nurturing environment :
- Web Analytics implementation and analysis.
- Front-end tech. development and integration.
- Back-end course-selection module development.\
- Back-end API-based tech. development.
Keywords : Google Analytics, JavaScript, Html, Java, PHP, Adobe development suite, project management, front-end web development, back-end development, technical API interfacing.

My stack

Web development, Tableau Software, Software Engineering, SFC, SEM, SAP, Salesforce, Project Management, Omniture, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, Magento, Jira, JavaScript, Java, HTML, Google Tag Manager, Google BigQuery, Google Analytics, Data analysis, Big Data, API, Agile Methodology