Simona F.


574 dollar

My experience


Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung e.V. (Konrad Adenauer Foundation)August 2019 - Present

This is a Political Excellence in Economic and Labour Policy where I had the chance to analyze policy data and contribute to economic policy design workshops.

Young Leaders ClubJuly 2018 - Present

I will have attended an exceptional
10-day event that will boost my leadership skills in finance and
economics next to great people and important speakers. I consider it a
Mini-MBA in Finance.
I also got to improve my entrepreneurial and
business skills which will later help me for becoming a better analyst
and a professional business consultant.

Ferntech GmBHOctober 2019 - Present

* Kept a good contact with the team and stakeholders to understand reporting objectives and company's vision.

* Replicated financial plan onto the Power BI and generated data visualizations.

* Harnessed data and created intuitive and detailed reports that enabled the team to take decisions and forecast business's trajectory for the next two years.

* Used API to retrieve data from the energy sector for processing on the BI software.

* Used creative ations to disseminate and communicate data analyses results.

RISE ConsortiumSeptember 2017 - September 2019

1. Associate Business Analyst-Local Advisor

RISE Consortium is a Romanian consultancy company that aims at providing expert investment solutions and integrated advisory services to international investors.

My roles and responsibilities included:

• Provided BI analytics and consultancy for investor entrepreneurs across the world.
• Consulted foreign investors providing economic assessment reports and market insights and helped customers solve possible problems.
• Offered business big data and business policy data analysis, improving the overall processes.

Skills: Tableau Software / database investigation / statistical analysis / surveying/big data analytics

2. Junior Business Analyst and Tableau Developer
•    Used Tableau to generate economic and marketing solutions for entrepreneurs
•    I managed the client database of the company
•    Participated at various business meetings

International Business AnalyticsJanuary 2018 - January 2019

* Ensured the overall Business administration process

* Provided policy solutions in multiple projects.



I have a good background in business

management and data analytics as I have worked with a large scale of stakeholders.

As a data analyst I had the chance to offer my experience on vast variety of projects

from policy to product development. I am interested in offering data based solutions.

Teamwork is valuable to me, as it encourages

me to be responsible creative, and strong. I
am a good at strategizer, risk manager,

analyzer and planner. I enjoy making friends and developing long-term


Direct feedback autonomy at work and

transparency are essential to me.


+40 755371352

* Offered design thinking-based, business development consultancy for new businesses and SMEs.

* Offered data reports for multiple businesses using Tableau Public Version
Software and Power BI public versions.

CAESAR FoundationJune 2018 - December 2018

Hai Acasa" or " Come Back Home" is an ENTREPRENEURIAL TRAINING dedicated to professionals wishing to return to Romania and build their businesses. My responsibilities were:
- To identify, select and maintain the target group for the project; Target Group people from Germany and other states.
- To perform and maintain an updated Target Group databases;
- To facilitate the access to a set of complex training, mentoring and financing services for the start of independent activities;
- To permanently communicate with the Target Group members and resolve in a timely manner the possible deficiencies that occur in the activities in which the Target Group is involved.
- To make the registration dossiers for the members of the target group and maintains contact with them and ensure that all enrollment procedures are done in accordance to the terms and regulations of the "Startup Diaspora-Hai Acasa (Come back Home) Program.

CMD SystemsFebruary 2018 - July 2018

* Entered financial data on billing system and helped team to prepare reports


Python for Data Science (working on Jupyter Notebook)

Black Blue MediaSeptember 2016 - September 2017

My responsibilities included:
Business administration activities
• I explored business and sales opportunity points to new and existing business partners;
• I developed sales strategies and lead negotiations with potential customers;
• I identified market segments, new sales channels, that could relate the products or services in the market which could be integrated as complex solutions with my business photography services;
• I maintained customer relationships and ensured customer loyalty through professional customer service;
• My primary responsibility was to identify and develop B2B relationships with large businesses.
• This has led me to create business my plan and identify my service development opportunities.

TelusJune 2016 - December 2016

Telus Communication is a business solutions in communications provider for multinational companies across the world.
My roles and responsibilities included:

•    Offered financial consultancy to clients
•    Offered mobile phone solutions over the phone for clients in Quebec
•    Provided ticketing support clients, reported possible technical problems and solved possible conflicts.

My stack

Teamwork, Python, Power BI, Microsoft Excel, DAX, Data analysis, Business Intelligence, Business Analysis, Analytics