Benas K.

Data Analyst

690 dollar
11 years

My experience

Genius SportsMay 2018 - Present

FreelancerOctober 2017 - Present


Asociacion of Lithuania Football RefereesJanuary 2011 - Present

• I league license
• Participated in FIFA Futsal Refereeing Course (2013)

Bentley SystemsFebruary 2015 - May 2018

•    Creating and extending existing Unit/API/UI tests
•    Enhancing and maintaining testing infrastructure
•    Creating required test data and maintaining common test data and environment
•    Debugging and analyzing application failures
•    Working with developers to ensure adequate ATP coverage
•    Reporting Software defects and following defect life cycle
•    ATPs are the primary responsibility but some manual testing is required
•    Analyzing, designing and implementing features for new or existing software products and tools
•    Participating in design and code reviews
•    Authoring internal API and public API documentation, internal technical documentation
•    Investigating and resolving defects
•    Performing unit, integration and UI automated testing
•    Assisting development group to resolve tests and test tools problems 

National Students AcademyJanuary 2012 - June 2015

• Enhancing skills of explaining new and complex concepts in a simple, easily understandable way for school students
• Improving IT skills (MS Word and Excel)

Euromonitor InternationalSeptember 2012 - January 2015

•    Creating econometric models with R
•    Obtaining and analyzing statistical data from National and International statistic providers
•    Inputting obtained information into standard MS Excel templates
•    Standardising raw data to set of cross-country comparable definitions
•    Interpolating and extrapolating standardised data using statistical techniques and additional data or information

My stack

Software testing

PHP Unit Testing, Charles Web Debugging Proxy, NUnit

Computer Tools

MS Office

Environment of Development

Visual Studio


SharePoint, React.js, Mercurial, Machine Learning, MS InfoPath

Business Intelligence



Node.js, WordPress

Embedded and Telecom



Jscript, C#, JavaScript, Java, Visual Basic, R Language, LaTeX, SQL

IT Infrastructure

Linux Virtual Machine


Lync, API, GitHub

My education and trainings

- Vilniaus Universitetas - Bachelor of Science (BS)2011 - 2015

- Vilnius Lyceum - Secondary school2007 - 2011