Silviu B.


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My experience


Allianz Tiriac Asigurari S.A.July 2008 - Present

Main activities and responsibilities
- Created MSExcel tools to record and track sales productivity KPI, allowing the reporting frequency to be increased to weekly.
- Reduced report generation by introducing VBA in MSExcel reports and new ways to manipulate raw data.
- Applied my personal flair and exacting quality standards to generate appealing and informative reports.
- Created sales planning tools for Regional Managers to aid development of local business plans.
- Monitored performance against targets and created periodic sales reports for management.
- Created reporting tools for sales agents and employees and generated weekly activity reports.
- Created ations showing sales results, target achievement and other information, for Regional Sales Managers, Division Sales Managers and local Board of Directors and Allianz Group.
- Monitored sales results and effectiveness of sales group motivational programs.
- Tested and debugged the Online Activity Reporting and Management Tool for Salesforce.

Tricky DoorsFebruary 2015 - February 2016


- Administrative management of private business;
- Making sure that the legal requirements are met and providing the needed authorizations;
- Identifying the needed resources and location;
- Planning and developing the escape room by creating the puzzles, interactive games & rules of the game;
- Financial forecasting and stages of investment identification;
- Researching and developing marketing opportunities and strategies in obtaining a competitive advantage;
- Identifying consumer requirements and updating/upgrading the business according to the new market demands;
- Identifying competitor's share, and competitor's strengths and weaknesses;
- Developing partnerships with other escape rooms, in order to get this new idea of entertainment known among all age categories (from students to families);
- Game master (moderator and organizer of the game, officiant for questions regarding rules - offering support and guidance to the playing teams);
- Administrator of the ``Tricky Doors'' site.

CNDPI Romsoft SASeptember 2003 - June 2008

Type of business or sector Main IT hardware / software equipment importer (Depozitul de calculatoare)

Occupation or position held sales advisor
Main activities and responsibilities - Counseling customers and selling IT hardware / software equipment;
- Hardware equipment assembly and installation of the necessary programs for the proper operation;
- Setting and support for office equipment(printers, scanners ...)
- Repairing hardware equipment;
- Wireless and wired networks configuration;
- Configuration of routing protocols;

My stack

VTP, Troubleshooting, Teamwork, TCP/IP,, PPP, Photo editing, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel, MS Access, Microsoft Windows 2003 Server, Microsoft Excel, Lightroom, Layer 3, Layer 2, Interpersonal skills, HDLC, Hardware testing, Frame Relay, CCNA, Adobe Photoshop