Tom L.

Data Analyst

765 dollar
32 years

My experience


Uruguay, Brasil and ArgenteniaJanuary 2014 - Present

Currently living and traveling with my son in South America.
Officially semi-retired, I develop and maintain, as a hobby, an AI based system for predicting horse racing.
This involves extraction of data from several web sites and continuous use of the Betfair API.
Developed in C# and SQL Server.
I also have performed several conversions of VBA/Access to VB.NET or C#
for previous clients.
I really enjoy this kind of work and am currently looking for more part-time or short term remote only projects.

ArqivaNovember 2012 - December 2013

Developer/analyst, working in C# and VB.Net, maintaining and developing bespoke in-house packages. Developing and maintaining web based in- house packages with an oracle back end. Part of the contract involved the maintenance and documentation of FEWD, a database driven application that produced fully functional web sites.

FM GlobalSeptember 2012 - February 2013

Sole developer/designer, designed a bespoke client/server application, using
VB.Net, Access and SQL Server. Responsible for the complete lifecycle, designed, developed and installed a bespoke client server disaster recovery package to aid recovery and communications in the field.

KBRDecember 2011 - July 2012

Sole developer working on a part time role concerned with mathematical modelling.
As sole developer, responsible for all aspects of the development process, I converted an Access database to a multi-threaded VB.Net program. This included a complete redesign of the user interface and conversion of the SQL to connect to either Access or SQL Server.
Another project involved developing a user interface to a mathematical modelling tool. This captured and checked the data and performed several data conversions before sending the data to the modelling tool in its bespoke format.
I also designed and implemented a set of WinForm validators, based on the
ASP.NET model and an Excel import tool which validated data at field and table level using a database defined rule set. I also identified several ways in which they could tighten up their Excel data capture procedures to ensure more accurate data.

Nursing & Midwifery CouncilOctober 2010 - November 2011

Member of a team working on a bespoke, rules based workflow system, controlling the regulatory responsibilities of the council. The system was written in VB6, utilising SQL Server 2008, with web sections written in C#,
ASP.Net and JQuery.

My main duties included support, maintenance and new development
work. This included understanding the nature of any bug report, estimating, developing, unit and user testing and final implementation of any fixes. The capture and design of new business requirements, developing new stored procedures and extensive tuning of existing queries. I also used MSMQ with
XML extensively, produced build scripts using MSBuild and developed several reports within SQL Reporting Services.

IFDS PercanaMay 2010 - November 2010

Member of a team working on market leading, rules based Insurance industry software with a Pan-European user base.
Involved in the support/enhancement of the Web/n-tier system to meet the requirements of new customers. The system, written in VB6, C#, ASP.NET
and JQuery, utilising SQL Server 2008, was in the process of being fully converted to C# .NET (Version 3.5)

XeroxJune 2005 - February 2010

Solely responsible for the development, support and management of a web- based financial planning, forecasting and reporting system.
The system supplied sales and stock details to the Pan-European Xerox dealer and distributor network, and was capable of validating, formatting and recording user input via email, FTP and an in-house Electronic Document
Interface (EDI) to the data warehouse, from which it was accessible for querying by users via the bespoke report generator.
Developed using VB6, ActiveX, ASP, HTML, XML, VB/Java Script and
PL/SQL the system delivered significantly enhanced performance over its predecessor.

Several small Access/VB6 database projects were also developed. Latterly the work involved the migration of Oracle data from the previous system into SAP using stored procedures to query the data and output to text files.

Rural Payments AgencyApril 2003 - June 2005

Senior Analyst Programmer (Contract)
(2 years 3 months)

Solely responsible for the development and support of a web based financial guarantee system, using PL-SQL, VB.NET, ADO.NET, JavaScript and XML.
The system consisted of a browser based interface backed by a number of web services which implement the RPA Guarantee business process.
The initial user group consisted of several hundred internal users, but ultimately was delivered to a much wider public audience.
Responsible for the initial conversion from VB6/ADO to VB.NET/ADO.NET, with the addition of several new screens written in VB.NET, and utilising
Crystal Reports for delivery of information via a web browser.

AdvanticaJanuary 2002 - February 2003

Home Based
Development of an Environmental and Energy Management, internet accessible system for Access/SQL Server replication across over 50 UK sites.
Employed SQL Server 2000, Access 2000, VBA, VB, DCOM, ActiveX and FTP to increase the replication speed.
Provided ad-hoc maintenance and development of the existing Access code and Crystal Reports.

BMW GroupApril 1991 - November 2001

Team Leader managing 5 programmers. Responsible for the Enhancement and maintenance of an existing suite of award wining programs delivering business processes to BMW's dealer network.
Initially the system consisted of C++, C and Basic applications running on a Novell File Server.
Responsible for the design and development of a replacement application suite written in VB6 and using an Oracle 8i database.
Implemented in a 3-Tier architecture and utilising DCOM objects and MTS, the system delivered the business and data access layers.
Wherever possible stored procedures and packages, in PL/SQL were used to give maximum performance. Preparatory work included mainframe data capture and batch updating of 500,000+ rows using PL/SQL and SQL Loader.
All elements from design to final test were fully documented using Visual
Modeller and an in-house product.

Additionally responsible for the development and maintenance of several small applications developed in Access, VB6 and Crystal Reports, which delivered ad-hoc support for the existing Dos system.

Balfour Beatty RailJune 1997 - October 2000

Senior Analyst Programmer (Contract)
(3 years 5 months)
Home Based
Developed several standalone applications using VB4/5/6 and Access for a plant tracking system handling hire, billing and maintenance commitments for over twenty thousand pieces of small plant.
Responsible for the development of a large plant tracking and planning system used to track hire and maintenance of track laying equipment.
This role was performed from my home office, which allowed me to provide out of hours support and maintenance across five separate sites.

Telecom Professional ServicesJanuary 1989 - November 1990

Team Leader during the development of an EPOS/Stock Control/MIS system for BT's own high street
retail outlets.

Developed using the Ingress database, SQL and C over UUCP and X25.

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