Thierry T.


610 euro
3 years

My experience


Orange DoualaJuly 2019 - September 2021

- Designed a 5+-year data strategy plan by leading a complete review of current strategy and IT systems, and leading discussions with key internal and external stakeholders.
- Designed and built a Lambda Architecture based on HDP and HDF for data ingestion and production of KPIs: 150+ data sources ingested by using Apache NIFI, 800+ KPIs produced by using Hive, Spark, Pig and Sqoop and 5+ real-time use cases implemented by using Kafka, Spark Streaming, MYSQL and Grafana.
- Designed and implemented in Scala a robust application called "Flexible Data" (better alternative to Oozie) to orchestrate and run jobs on Hive, Spark, Sqoop and Pig.
- Led Machine Learning, Data Science and AI projects: Smart CAPEX, Churn Telco, UV stock management for "Orange Money" business monitoring.
- Designed and built dashboards on PBI and BO to provide the CEO, top management and business teams a 360° view of business performance.
- Monitored and maintained the HDP platform as administrator.
- Contributed to other projects: upgraded the HDP cluster by adding 13 nodes, scaling from 12 to 25 nodes; designed an Elasticsearch architecture to replace the obsolete legal requisition management tool; built the data ingestion and indexing pipeline in Elasticsearch.

Orange DoualaSeptember 2018 - November 2018

- Designed and implemented a web application for exploration, consolidation and management of "Orange Money" partner network.
- Partner management: Creation, Update, Delete and Network Visualization with D3.js
- Backend with PHP and Laravel
- Frontend with Webpack, Vuejs JS, Vuex and VuetifyJS

Hadron YaoundéFebruary 2018 - September 2018

Designed and implemented a Learning Center Management Platform using computer vision models for automatic correction:
- Bubble sheet multiple-choice scanner and test grader using optical mark recognition (OMR), python and OpenCV
- Backend with python and Django
- Frontend with ReactJS

SABC DoualaJuly 2017 - September 2017

Studied the state-of-the-art of data visualization and proposed an appropriate solution to monitor the company's KPIs:
- Benchmarked dataviz solutions: QlikView, QlikSence TABLEAU, Power BI, etc.
- Built Datamarts in the Datawarehouse
- Designed the dashboard

My stack

Zookeeper, Visual Studio Code, Ubuntu, SQLite, Spring Boot, Spark, Social Media, Scala, SBT, QlikView, PostgreSQL, Oracle, OpenCV, Oozie, NumPy, MySQL, MongoDB, MariaDB, Machine Learning, Linux Red Hat, Linux, Laravel, jQuery, JBoss, JavaScript, Java, HTML, HDFS, Hadoop, Git, ElasticSearch, Eclipse IDE, Docker, Django, Data Mining, CentOS, C++, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Apache Web Server, Apache Maven, Apache Kafka, Ant, AngularJS, Analytics