Thomas O.


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My experience


Renault DigitalMarch 2019 - Present

❖ Industrialization of a predictive maintenance project
❖ Mentoring junior profiles
❖ In charge of the data science recruitment
❖ Audit & Review of other projects
❖ Data Trainings (for business and data analyst)
❖ Working on an MLOps training for the data scientist team

⚙️ Tensorflow Extended (TFX), Kubeflow, GCP, Spark, Terraform, React

BotakiOctober 2018 - Present

Tech stack: Game Development (Unity3D), Full-stack (React + NodeJS), IoT

CourseraNovember 2018 - December 2019

Introduction to Deep Learning.

Life Plus IOJune 2016 - May 2019

« Helping young people over 65 to age better »

❖ Fall detection: sensor-based algorithms for an embedded device (watch)
❖ Anomaly detection: Bayesian learning of the habit distribution
❖ Indoor localization: Prototype of a BLE and sensor-based localization algorithm on raspberryPi
❖ Web App: Angular web app for back office
❖ Mobile App: Nativescript mobile app for team maintenance purpose

⚙️ Tensorflow, Keras, sklearn, pymc3, MLflow, Luigi, filterpy, Angular, NativeScript, NodeJS, C

BotakiMarch 2017 - October 2018

« Connecting children to nature! »

❖ Botaki Avatar: a React Native app to communicate with our plant sensor (AppStore & Playstore)
❖ Botaki Village: games, workshops, quizzes with Unity3D (AppStore & Playstore)
❖ Website
❖ Technical recruitment
❖ Fundraising

⚙️ React Native, Redux, IoT, AR, Machine Learning, DevOps (Fastlane,, AWS, Unity3D

MeetupMay 2015 - December 2016

This is a group for anyone interested
in Artificial Intelligence, robotics and Internet of Things. We believe
that there is a good and intressting link to explore between these
domains. All skills levels are welcome. We started this group to meet
and gather other people intrested in these domains too. Looking forward
to meeting you !

SoftBank Robotics EuropeJanuary 2016 - December 2016

❖ Data ingestion and processing of all the robots’ sensors
❖ Mentoring on building visualization tools for business
❖ Went to Japan to meet my counterparts and organize the data science workload

⚙️ Luigi + Boto3, Apache Spark, AWS (EMR, S3), Python

Xebia FranceSeptember 2014 - December 2015

❖ Data Analysis of web/mobile data
❖ Business Q&A based on search data

⚙️ Python, Scala, Apache Spark, Hadoop

XebiaMarch 2015 - September 2015

❖ Dashboards based on search data for yield purpose
❖ Demand modeling to assist yield analysts
❖ Visualization web app of the demand model’s predictions

⚙️ Python, Scala, Apache Spark, Hadoop

Xebia FranceApril 2014 - October 2014

My stack

Unity3D, TypeScript, TensorFlow, Spark, Scikit-Learn, React.js, R Language, Python, Machine Learning, JavaScript, Hadoop, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Flutter, Docker, Deep learning, C/C++, C#, AWS, Angular