Ider O.

Data Scientist

660 dollar
10 years

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IoD solutionsFebruary 2019 - Present

Vous pouvez tirer parti de l'exploitation des données pour :
👥 Affiner votre connaissance client
🔧 Améliorer vos opérations
🆕 Proposer des services innovants

Quelques exemples de réalisation :
✅ Moteur de recommandation (algorithme ML) pour augmenter le taux de transformation des free users vers comptes payants
✅ Création et conception d'un service innovant utilisant des données machines
✅ Conception et réalisation d'un outil de pilotage de la performance commerciale
✅ Animation de bootcamp "Introduction à la Data Science"
✅ Formation pour des profils techniques et commerciaux "Comprendre les enjeux de la Data Science"

IndépendantOctober 2018 - Present


OpNovember 2018 - September 2019

- Design, animation d'un réseau d'experts et création du contenu du parcours diplômant ingénieur IA d'Openclassrooms en partenariat avec Microsoft.
- Expertise technique pour la revue qualité des projets des parcours Data
- Création et revue des projets pédagogiques du parcours diplômant Data Scientist d'Openclassrooms.

ECDYS OPENLABDecember 2018 - March 2019

Augment Ecdys OpenLab collaborative intelligence platform with AI.

Capgemini ConsultingJuly 2017 - October 2018

- End-to-end delivery of an advanced
analytics (in agile mode) that score dynamically suppliers to halp the
business identify and mitigate risks in supply chain.
- Analytics approach to identify the key influencing parameters to control to improve the quality of a manufacturing process.
- Build-up tailored Analytics approach to answer clients business needs (commercial proposal or pitchs).

Technos : Pyspark, Python, Hive, Dataiku, AWS, Azure.

Capgemini ConsultingOctober 2016 - June 2017

- Princing recommendation engine for the whole products catalogue of a BtoB retailer to optimize growth.

ERDFOctober 2015 - October 2016

Baseline load prediction methods to evaluate consumption curtailment in Demand Response programm (Smart Grids projects).
Control data quality for balancing mechanism and Demand Response market (electricity market).

Technical environment : R, SQL, Tableau, Spark.
Machine Learning methods : GAM, Time Series estimation (SARIMAX), c, SVM, Lasso regression.


Ecole Centrale de LilleSeptember 2011 - September 2015

Final year Master's student.

Five years integrated Master program in engineering with a final year specialization in Data analysis and Decision making.

EDFApril 2015 - September 2015

Improve demand forecast tools.
Adapt processes and tools to the new capacity market of the french electricity market.

SiemensDecember 2013 - June 2014

Global capacity plan for 13 plants
worldwide for electro-motor production based on different product mix,
technologies & value added of the different plant

• Estimation of the global capacity plan of motor axles (different products mix)
• Proposal of different scenarios optimising the global production
• Support on the reorganisation of factory floor (in Nürnberg) to achieve the productivity goals

Michelin solutionsMay 2013 - November 2013

•    Market study on the Service Providers (tyres and vehicles services)
Result : analyze data collected on field and first recommendations for the purchasing strategy

•    Structure and manage the relationship with « Software as a Service » editor (Tyrecheck)
Result : value creation by catalyzing actions that required coordination between Michelin solutions and Tyrecheck

•    Monitoring of the contract execution
Result : precise monitoring of the orders and acceleration of the providers’s invoices payment

Centrale Lille ProjetsNovember 2012 - September 2013

IT project "Pro-Staging" (10 keuros) for DCS Evolution firm
is a software enabling the tracking and the improvement of the
productivity for the SME (small and medium size enterprise).
Besides "Pro-Staging" is a user-friendly and enables easily a participative management.

My deliveries :
√    Write the commercial proposal (specification needs, planning, quotation)
√    Negociation and customer relationship management
√    Developers team management

Result : DCS Evolution commercializes "Pro-Staging" software.

Centrale Lille ProjetsApril 2012 - April 2013

•    Define the business development strategy
•    Manage the telephone business development
•    Manage the exhibition business development

Result : Turnover of 112 000 euros (+110% and best result ever)

Ecole Centrale ParisApril 2012 - May 2012

• Visit of the Brazilian universities (USP, Unicamp, PUC) partners of the GEC

Exchanges with people in charge of the site of BNP Paribas, Alstom and
Michelin on the characteristics of the Brazilian economy

ECDYSJanuary 2012 - February 2012

Mission of the reorganisation of the purchase strategy industrial tools of SAFRAN :

• Data crunching of the data extracted from the ERP of the firm (Excel)
• Compare the prices of the different suppliers

My stack


Project Management, Data analysis, Research, Consulting


R Language

Business Intelligence



SaaS, Machine Learning

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Master of Science - Data Science - Ecole centrale de Lille2011 - 2015

Master's degree - Applied Mathematics - University Lille 12014 - 2015