Pooja D.

Data Scientist

95 dollar
3 years
Chennai, INDIA

My experience


Data ScientistJune 2019 - Present

ADVANCED NLP 1. Worked on header detection algorithm for Insurance client using
Fuzzy logic, BERT and word2vec models in Python

2. Worked on latest transformer models like Longformer, Reformer, XLNET etc. to solve use cases for semantic textual similarity as part of Innovation Orbit in organization in Python
3. Worked on fine tuning ALBERT and T5 base transformer models to find content similarity between articles as part of Innovation
Orbit in organization in Python

MACHINE LEARNING 1. Worked on Random forest algorithm and hyper parameter tuning to predict premium for Insurance Client and packaged algorithm into library for sensitivity analysis in Python

2. Worked on demand forecasting during COVID times using LSTM and ARIMA models as part of Innovation Orbit in organization in Python

In Indian Institute of TechnologyMay 2018 - June 2018

Biomedical Signal
Processing under Professor Dr.Ramakrishnan

My stack


ORBit, Completed Advanced Natural Language Processing, English, C Programming Language, industry~it, Data Analyst, Business Analyst, Indian > Hindi, Natural Language Processing, Indian > Tamil, Sensitivity analysis, Python Programming, Indian > Sanskrit, Demand Forecasting, CNN, Summer Intern

Machine Learning

Neural networks


Natural Language Processing (NLP)


Machine Learning


SQL, C++, Matlab, Python

My education and trainings

- Anna University2017

- MIT2015